12/13/2016: 36th Round Infusion at MD Anderson


00:00: Still working at a client location with my Dad running network cables, changing the configuration of their network, and installing a wireless access point.

00:15:  Wrapping up the job.

00:30:  Home my Dad and I are.

00:45:  A salad I eat.

01:30: I print up my mom and I’s boarding passes and pay for my Metro Day pass for my bus and light rail rides in Houston.

02:00:  I finish configuring the router’s network changes.

03:00:  Time to go to sleep.

06:00:  Up I am.

06:30:  Uncle Vic pics up my mom and I.  My Dad has work, and so does my wife, so just my mom and I on this trip.

07:00:  At the airport we are.

07:20:  Through security we are.  I get on my computer on the very slow internet that New Orleans has and catch up the blog.

08:15:  Our plane begins boarding.

08:30:  We have our seat on the plane.  We meet Karli who is also traveling to MD Anderson for her first visit to diagnose what is going on with her because of repetitive misfortunes in local doctors in the New Orleans area.  She does not know what to expect and traveling alone.  She is anxious and nervous and very talkative, but it is completely understandable considering the situation.  She is not a bother at all.  We make friends and go through each other’s history and medical journey, and I give her a few pointers about MD Anderson from my experience along the way.

08:57:  We are on our way.

10:09:  In Houston we arrive.

10:15:  Off the plane.

10:20:  Bathroom break.

10:25:  Karli asks how we are getting downtown, I tell her public transit, a lot cheaper than taxi or uber or.  She follows us to the skyway, then to Terminal C, then to the bus stop.

10:40:  We get on the 102 bus.

11:43:  We arrive downtown.  Karli is going to a hotel nearby and doesn’t have any appointments till tomorrow, so she grabs a uber to the hotel from the downtown transit center.  My mom and I continue onto the light rail and make our way to the Texas Medical Center Transit Center stop.


12:20:  Off the light rail we get and walk the block to the Duncan building.

12:30:  I check in at the rotary house and our room is not ready yet, so I leave my number for them to text me once the room is ready.  Back up to the second floor, across the skywalk to the main building we head.

12:40:  I check in at the main building, floor 2, at the diagnostic center for my bloodwork.

12:50:  I am called to the back.  They draw 3 tubes of blood.

12:55:  All done with the bloodwork, back across the skywalk to the rotary house to the frozen yogurt area where the tables are.  I get on my computer and take care of a few work things waiting for the hotel to text me.

14:33:  I get a text from the hotel saying the room is ready.  I pack up and then head downstairs to the first floor to check in.

14:40:  I check in.  We get room 832.  Up to the room we head.  I finish up a few things on my laptop.

16:20:  Out we head.  Across the skywalk back to the Mays Clinic and Duncan building, out to the light rail.

16:30: On the light rail we get.

16:56:  Off the light rail we get.

16:58:  At Frank’s Pizza we are.  I order a medium meat special pizza, and an order of the pizza rolls for free, as it is their coupon on the website.  My mom orders her meal, we then head upstairs to sit as there is no where to sit downstairs today.

17:20:  The Pizza Rolls are ready, I head downstairs and grab them, and then back upstairs.

17:30:  The Pizza is ready.  I head back downstairs and grab the pizza, and then back upstairs.  The food is delicious as always!

18:10:  Done we are at Frank’s Pizza.  Back to the light rail station we head, only a one block walk.

18:12:  We jump on the first light rail that comes through the station.

18:26:  Off the light rail we are at the TMC Transit Center.

18:30:  Into the Duncan building we head, then through the Mays Clinic, then across the skywalk into the Rotary House.

18:54:  Into the room we walk.

19:00:  I head back downstairs and grab some frozen yogurt with my laptop.

21:00:  All done with the frozen yogurt, they shut it down for tonight, so back up to the room we head, I put down my laptop, and then head back downstairs to the computer lab aka the business center.

23:30:  All done with the business center, back up to the hotel room I head to put my boarding passes for tomorrow in the room, and then back downstairs we head, across the skywalk to the main building to the park for some late night snacks.

23:45:  At the Park we are.  I grab some drink and a peanut butter bar and some sushi.

23:59:  Still at the park…


© Craig