05/16/2018: CT Scan Results

00:15:  Dee and I head back to the hotel room from The Park.

00:25:  Back at the hotel room.

00:35: ZzZzZzZzZ

09:30:  Up I am.

10:10:  Out the hotel room we check.  Then over the skybridge to the main building, then up Elevator B to the 6th floor.

10:19:  I check in at the 6th floor clinic.

10:20:  I get a text telling me to go to the frontdesk to get an armband and check to see if anything else needs to be done.

RANT WARNING: Skip to next time stamp to skip rant:  As usuall they ask for my Co-Pay, which I tell them I am not paying until my financial account is straightened out.  Nothing but issue after issue when it comes to billing.  However this time around before this appointment, I was told there was another procedure that had to be done to get appointments preapproved.  It is called a In-Network Benefit Exception since I am outside of the State of Louisiana.  I have been going back and forth with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana saying that MD Anderson is not getting preapprovals, MD Anderson said they don’t need pre approvals.  Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana did pay most of my past bills, but cited that they can no longer do so because MD Anderson is not following the correct method of getting things done before the visits.  BCBSLA also said that they paid the old claims in error, and they should not have been paid, and that I am stuck with all outstanding claims and any claims going forward, and that BCBSLA was not responsible for MD Anderson not doing things correctly.  However after asking about preapprovals this time or possibly not going back to MD Anderson if they couldn’t figure out what had to be done to get BCBSLA to pay what I am paying insurance for, I finally got an answer.  A rep from the Financial Clearance Center called me and said she would call BCBSLA and my case worker to find out what had to be done to get approvals.  After a few calls, she found that the correct term is an In-Network Benefit Exception form that had to be filed.  A few days later, she had the form filed, and supposedly this time around everything should be covered, so its only time to wait and see.  This is the first time in almost 2 years did I have someone actually look into this properly for me and find out the correct information.  I was pushed around, MD Anderson Billing Department blaming BCBSLA, BCBSLA blaming MD Anderson, meeting with the billing department in person and told not to worry about anything, she see’s this all the time and it would work itself out, also trying to talk to an MD Anderson Patient Advocate who started looking into everything for me and then stopped returning my phone calls.  Then finally out of the blue, and almost cancelling my appointments the billing department or reception for the doctor refers my message the proper department to help me follow up with what needs to get done for approvals.

More details on the visit to come:


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