11/01/2016: 33rd Round Infusion at MD Anderson

11/01/2016: Another trip to Houston, possibly the one of the last few I have left considering my study is about to run out.

05:30: Up I am.

06:13:  Out the door we head.

06:30:  At the airport, my dad drops me off.

06:45:  Through security.  I get my normal zero vitamin waters, lemonade as usual, great flavor.

06:55:  I get my usual seat in the waiting area as the flight to Atlanta is boarding.

07:44:  My plane arrives.

07:55:  Boarding begins.

08:00:  I step door onto the ramp.

08:05:  I am sitting in my big front seat.

08:22:  Doors closed.

08:25:  Push back.

08:30: Taxing.

08:33:  Takeoff.

09:23:  Touch down.

09:30:  Off the plane.

09:40:  On the skyway.

09:45:  At the bus stop.

10:05:  On the bus I get.

10:08:  Downtown we head.

11:00:  Off the bus.

11:05:  At the light rail.

11:30:  Off the light rail.

11:39:  Into the Duncan building, up to the second floor, across the skywalk.

11:50:  I check in at the rotary house buy the room is not ready yet.  They take my cell number and will text me when the room is ready.  Off to do bloodwork.

11:53:  I check in on the second floor of the main building at the diagnostic center on the computer.

11:55:  They call my name.

11:56:  In the back, the vampire draws up my blood.

12:10:  All done with the blood.

12:32:  I am back in the rotary house area by the frozen yogurt, they have tables that I setup my laptop on and get to work helping a client with email issues and some phone issues.

15:00:  I get a text saying my room is ready.  Time to go check in!

15:15:  I check in.  I get room 932.  I go drop my bag off and head back down to 2.

15:30:  I get a message from my mom saying that her and my dad have just arrived at the Megabus station downtown.  I was just heading back to meet them for 4ish as the bus was scheduled to get in at 4:05.  However they ran ahead of schedule.  So through the skywalk, Mays Clinic and Duncan building I head, and to the light rail station.

15:38:  I get on the light rail.

15:54:  I get off the light rail and meet my parents at the downtown traffic center.

16:00: We walk 2 blocks east and go to Pappa’s BBQ.  I get the 3 Combo Rib meal, 3 Baby Back Ribs, 2 Pork Ribs, and 1 Beef Rib and two sides, one spicy rice and some beans.

17:15:  All done at Pappa’s BBQ.  We head back to the light rail at the Downtown Transit Center.

17:20:  Back on the light rail heading back to MD Anderson.

17:40: Back at the Texas Medical Center Transit Center.  Back through the Duncan Building, Mays Clinic, Skywalk, Hotel Room and about an hour nap.

18:50:  I head downstairs to get grab some more frozen yogurt.

19:45:  Back up to the hotel room.  I catch up on some billing and watch TV.

22:45:  I head downstairs and print up the airline tickets for tomorrow’s flight home.

23:00:  Back up to the hotel room to drop the boarding passes off upstairs.

23:05:  Across the skywalk, to the main building, down to the second floor, and to the park.  They are limited on what they have for food tonight.  I get an order of chicken wings and a drink.

23:40:  All done with the wings, I get a few drinks to go, and head back to the hotel room.

23:59:  I head back downstairs to lobby to call Dee…

© Craig