11/15/2016:  34th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

05:30:  Up I am.

05:45:  I check a few things on client servers and services.

06:00:  Dressed and ready I get.

06:25:  Uncle Victor picks me, my mom and dad up.  Dee has school and work so she is staying home.

06:40:  At the airport we are.

09:06: Takeoff we do

10:08: Touchown.

11:08:  The bus arrives and to the city we head.

12:07:  Downtown we are.  We get of at Travis and Mullan and walk to the light rail station.

12:15:  On the lightrail we are.

12:45:  Off the light rail we get through the Duncan Building, Mays Clinic, Skywalk, Rotary House, out the front door and across the street to the Outpatient Imaging Center we head.

13:00:  I check in for my MRI.  The MRI is to follow up with the PET/CT Scan findngs of some kind of activity in my nasal pharanx area at the back of my throat.  Hopefully this will rule out the spot.  They give me paperwork to fill out about magnetic imaging.  Just confirming ono metal fragments or implants or devices or screws or anything in me that would be influenced or pulled by the strong magnets of the MRI.

13:20: I am called to the back.  The usual weight, vitals, etc.  They give me scrubs to change into and lead me to the private changing room area.  Put my clothes into a paperbag that they provide many of hanging on the back of the door.  I then put on my scrubs.  I put my bag into a kocker that they provide, lock it and take my key with me.

13:35:  I am prepped by a nurse, go over the usual questons, falls, contageous diseases/countries, allergies, etc.  She then starts the IV in my left arm fo the contrast for the MRI scan. She has a little challenge starting the IV and uses a 22 guage needle.  She gets it into a vein but very slow blood return.  She has me squeeze my fist repetatively untll she gets enough blood to run a quick thyroid test on me to make sure it is safe for me to recieve the magnetic contrast.  The test is good to go.

13:55: The tech for the scan comes and gets me for the scan.  He leads me outside to the 18 wheeler cargo bin that has been setup as a MRI scanner.  Pretty much the same setup I had at Tulne for my PET/CT scans.  We step onto the lift gate which raises us up to the height of the trailer.  He lifts the gate andinto the trailer we step.

He preps the machine and then into the scanning room we step.  He lays me on the table, places the cushion under my knees to hold my back against the table.  He covers me up then raises the table. He then straps me to the table.  He then splaces ear buds in my ears t dampen the loud sounds of the magnets and electrical current during the scanning process.  He then puts cushions between the side of my head and the head support to minimize my head/neck movement for the scan since we are scanning my neck.  He then places the brace over my head.  He also placessome sort of mat over my chest and straps that down probably t minimize movement.  He slids me into the machine, lines me up on the lasers and then steps out of the room to his control panel in the other room.  He starts the fist scan about a 30 second scan he says.  After that first scan he steps back into the scanning room and pulls me back out the machine and removes the chest mat and says its for comfort and that I don’t really need it.  He asks me if that is more comfortable which it is, and then he slides me back into the machine.  He steps back out of the scanning room and back to his controls desk to start the scan back up.  Just the normal MRI magnetic noise sounds.  I am exhausted from lak of leep and take a nap inside the machine during my scan.  He is done the non contrast portion and steps back into the scanning room and injects the contrast into my iv.  Then back out the room he steps and restarts all of the scans he did, this time with the contrast in my systm.  I doze back off inside the machine.  The scan finishes up.  He takes me back out the machine, removes the head brace, pads, ar buds.  He asks me if thee is any other tests toay that I need the IV for which I tell him no, so he removes it.  We head out the trailer, down the lift gate, and back into the building.  He leads me to the locker area.  I grab my bag out my locker, change in one of the changing rooms.  Scrubs off, clothes on.  Out to the waiting area I head.  My parents are there waiting.  I get my bag from them, then back outside we head.  We cross the street to Rotary House.

15:30::  I check in and am assigned room 1120.  On the top floor.  We head upstairs, out our bags down, and then I head out to get my bloodwork.

15:35:  I head over the skywalk to the main building for my bloodwork.

15:41:  I check in going the computer at the sign in desk,.I take my seat.

15:50:  I am called to the back.  I have had this nurse before and she had issues sticking me the last time that I had her.  She is training someone today.  I bring up the stick issue from last time that way I am not this new trainee’s pin cushion.  She feels both arms and doesn’t feel much.  She decides to try to go for where they got me with the iv.  She sticks me but doesn’t catch the vein.  After some time she calls another nurse over to finish up the vein poking.  This nurse gets it, positional it is as she has to tilt the needle to get blood to flow.  They fill the 4 tubes.  The nurse reuses the wrap because they do not have any of the gause, just paper tape.  She sends me on my way.

16:15:  I meet back go with my parents.  We walk through the hospital to the skywalk, may’s clinic, Duncan building, outside to the light rail.

16:30  We catch the light rail to downtown.

17:13: We head into Bombay Pizza for our Indian Pizza..

18:20:  All done with our Pizza.  Bringing back some leftovers to the hotel for breakfast. We well the two blocks to the light rail stop.

18:30:  On the light rail we are.

18:55:  We get off the light rail at the Texas medical Center Transit Center.  Walk back to the Duncan Building, through the may’s clinic, back across the skyway to the Rotary House.

19:05:  Back in the hotel room we are.

19:15:  I head downstairs to print HP the boarding passes for tomorrow flight home.

19:35:  I get my laptop and head downstairs to get some frozen yogurt and to get some work done.

21:00  The frozen yogurt stand is closed.  I head back upstairs, put up my laptop and then head downstairs to the computer lab to remote into my work computer and finish up ordering I need to do for a project I am working on.  o also return a few emails and take care of business.

23:30:  I am done working for now and want to head over to the park.  I head across the skywalk to the main building and grab a snack a lovely custom made peanut butter bar and a few drinks.  I head back to the hotel room.

23:59:  Just getting back to my hotel room.  My parents are watching TV/sleeping.

© Craig