07/12/2017: PET Scan Results

Everything was good on the scan, and still in remission.  There is just one spot to watch in the back vertebra. But could be a false positive from maybe an injury.

I will return in 3 month to MD Anderson for a follow up PET/CT to confirm a false positive/ injury or if it’s still there then start a plan for that then.

00:00:  I am in the business lab, working on scanning the receipts and putting them into a spreadsheet, as I need to turn in my receipts and spreadsheet to be reimbursed for travel, hotel expenses, food allowance, etc for coming to MD Anderson as part of my continuation of the study.

01:30:  Done putting all that together, now I focus on remoting into my office and completing some work that I was emailed about earlier in the day.

03:20:  All done with my work, back up to the hotel room I head and zzzzz.

07:15:  Up I am, shower I get, and pack up.

08:15: Check out I do.  Then over to the 6th floor of the main building to the lymphoma clinic.

08:35:  I check in at the lymphoma clinic.

08:40:  I get texted to go to the front desk and get my armband.

08:45:  Michael comes and gets us, however vitals were not taken yet, so Michal takes the vitals, and then leads us back to the patient room.

09:00:  We go over everything as usual with Micheal, this time adding my insulin and other new medicines since the last visit.

09:15:  Abby comes in and goes over the scan, overall everything is good.  Most if not all numbers have even less uptake than last time, all uptakes below any levels to even show any consideration.  However there is a spot on one of the vertebrae on my back.  I have not had any back pain, but I have been working a lot lately bringing a new law office online for a client of mine.  Climbing under desk, lifting heavy objects, and a number of other things that I possibly did hurt myself, I don’t remember any particular incident, but it most probably is that.  Being the location that it is in, and only a single location, Abby tends to agree with me that it is possibly an injury.  He recommends that we do another scan again in 3 months to see if anything shows up on the next scan.  If the same thing shows up, then it would be something to worry about, however, for now, we will just wait until then.  Abby then heads out to talk to Dr. Rodriguez before she stops in.

09:30:  Dr. Rodriguez steps in and goes over the PET/CT scan results as well, repeating everything that Abby says.  Overall she is very pleased with the results, but she does want to follow up with the one spot again.  So in 3 months we will have an additional scan to review that.

09:45:  I meet with Emily, the research nurse, and I give her the receipts and spreadsheet that I produce early this morning, so that I can get my reimbursement.  Reimbursements here don’t come quick and can take up to 8 months before a check is cut.  We head down to the 1st floor of the main building, so that I can get my blood taken again, this time blood that the study will keep for their research.

10:00:  I check in at research on the 1st floor.

10:20:  I get called to the back.

10:25:  The vampire sticks me, and she gets me on the first stick, however the tube is not taking the blood.  She tries a few times to push the tube on and off the needle, and that helps a little, but slow blood flow, she tries to find another tube but can’t find one, so she takes an empty syringe and fills it with my blood, then she pushes the blood into the tube.  The blood doesn’t go in easily as it seems the tube is pressurized, and didn’t have a vacuum on it to begin with.

10:35:  All done with the vampire.  My dad and I walk back up to the 3rd floor, across the skybridge to the rotary house.

11:15:  We decided to get the buffet at Apicius because of the menu, Shepard’s Pie, Chicken Pot Pie, Carrots, Mac & Cheese & Bacon, and Red Potatoes, along with some Top Round Beef, good stuff.

12:30:  All done with eating, time to head back to the airport, not much else to do here.

12:40:  Across the skybridge we head.

12:50:  Off the skybridge, through the May’s Clinic and the Duncan Building.

13:00:  Out the Duncan building to the light rail station.

13:05:  On the light rail.

13:30:  As we get to the downtown transit center station, we see the 102 bus just pulling up to the bus stop, so we get off the light rail, cross the street and are the last ones to jump on the 102 bus heading to the airport.

14:20:  Off of the bus we get.  My wife has some coffee she wants to finish, so we take the Subway to the Terminal A, since it is slower and she has time to finish her Coffee instead of throwing it away before going through security at Terminal C.

14:30:  On the Subway.

14:40: At Terminal A.

14:45: At Security

14:53: Through Security.

15:00:  We grab some drinks to hold us over for the 3 hours we will be sitting before taking off.

15:10:  Sitting at the gate, plug in the laptop, and get some work done.

17:55:  Boarding Begins.

18:03: Boarding Complete.

18:14: Take off.

19:18: Touchdown.

19:30: Uncle Vic pics us up at the airport, and gives us a ride home.

19:45: At home.

20:15: Out to eat we head, normal outing after a trip to Houston.

20:30:  Outback it is for walk about Wednesdays, where they have $9.99 steak, side, and drink all for one price.

22:00: Back at home.

22:15: In bed, back on the computer, another successful 2 day trip in Houston!

© Craig