12/27/2016: 37th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

05:20: Up I am.

05:30:  Ready am I.

05:45:  Ready is the wife finally…

05:50:  Out the door we head.

06:00:  At the airport we are.

06:15:  Through security we are.

06:25:  At the gate we sit.  Dee catches some Zzzzzzzs.

08:20:  Boarding begins.

08:25: I go up to the counter and ask the clerk if any exit row seats are available, there are, so she moves us from 17D & E to 12D & E.  No one is there and they would prefer to have someone in the emergency row to handle the emergency duties of the exit row while they handle the other entrench duties.

08:30: We board the plane.

08:35:  Buckled in we are.

08:57:  We push back.

09:03:  Taxing

09:12: Take off.

10:10: Touchdown

10:18:  Bathroom break.

10:25:  On our way to the skyway.

10:35:  On the skyway.

10:40:  Off the skyway.

10:43:  Outside by the bus stop we are.

10:52:  On the 102 bus we are heading downtown.

12:26:  Downtown we are at the Downtown Transit Center. We get off the bus, walk across the street and then to the light rail station.

12:30:  We swipe our day passes at the light rail station card readers.

12:40:  On the light rail we are.

12:58:  We arrive at the TMC Transit Center.  We get off the rail and head across the street down the sidewalk and into the Duncan Building.

13:20: We check in at the Hotel.

13:30: We head up to the room, put our bags up and then downstairs to the second floor to the skybridge to head over to the main building.  Then down the escalator to the second floor.

13:42: I check in on the touch screen computers at the diagnostic center in the main building.

14:00:  I get called to the back.

14:10:  All done with the bloodwork, we head back to the hotel.  I head downstairs to the computer lab and finish ordering some materials to finish up a project this weekend when I return.

16:45:  We head out, heading back over to the Duncan Building, then out to the lightrail, and to the Preston station.

17:15: We arrive at the Preston station and get off.

© Craig