05/31/2016: 23rd Round Infusion at MD Anderson

05:00:  Up

05:15: Wake the Wife.

05:36:  Out the house.

06:51:  My dad drops my wife and I off at the airport.

05:59:  Through the security checkpoint.  No line at all.

06:05:  Just aimlessly walking around.

06:10:  Sitting at gate C7 across from C6 waiting for the 7:35 Spirit flight to Atlanta to board so I can sit at C6.

07:35: The Atlanta flight back away from the gate.

08:05: Our plane from Fort Lauderdale pulls in.

08:10: Boarding begins.

08:21: Seated in my big front seat on the plane.

08:40: About to push back.

08:42: Pushing back. See you in Houston.

08:51: Take Off.

09:40: Touch down.

09:45: Waiting for our gate to open up. 3 Spirit planes sitting at the three gates in Houston.

10:20: We pull up to the gate.

10:22: Off the plane.

10:29: On the skyway.

10:33: Off the skyway.

10:37: At the bus stop.

10:42: On the bus.

11:33: Off the bus.

11:38: At the light rail station.

11:45: On the light rail.

12:08: Off the light rail.

12:14: In the Duncan building.

12:25: I try to check in but they do not have my reservation. I show them the reservation email and they said there was an issue with the reservation, but they would correct it and I would have a room tonight. They said they would call me back when my room became available. In the meantime I head to the main building to get my blood work done.

12:47: I fill out my check in paper at the diagnostic center.

12:53: I get called to the back. 2 sticks by the first nurse, no luck, left anticubical area and left hand. I get a second nurse and she gets me the first time in the right outer anticubical.

13:14: All done being stuck.

14:40: I check in at the hotel front desk and get my room. Now I am going to go relax on the light rail.

15:30: We get on the light rail heading south.  We only have like 3 or 4 more stops to check out heading south before the end of the line.

15:45:  At the end of the line.  We turn around and head north on the red line all the way to the other end.

16:50:  We are at the North end of the red line, we turn around again and head south back into town.

17:30:  Back in town.  We get off and walk around checking out different places.

18:10:  Back on the light rail heading back to MD Anderson.  I have a few places in mind for next time, just tired now.

18:40:  Back at MD Anderson.  Back and forth with a client most of the way back.

19:20:  I get done helping the client, now time to go eat.

19:30:  At the new restaurant at MD Anderson called Apicius which replace The Oaks.

20:30:  Done with the buffet which was pretty good.  An oriental spin on things.  Their chicken had to be the best.

20:45:  We go grab some froyo.  Good as always.

21:30:  Print the plane tickets for tomorrows flight home at the new business center.  The renovations around here are really nice.

22:00: We walk over to the park.  I grab a small Pizza and a few bottles of drink.

23:30:  Back in the hotel room and fall fast asleep!

© Craig