05/04/2016: 21st Round Infusion at MD Anderson

03:30:  Up I am.

03:55:  In the car on the way to the airport, my dad driving and my wife tagging along to drop me off.

04:10: At the airport.

04:20:  Through security.

04:24: Sitting at the gate, updating the blog.

04:35: They announce we will be boarding in 5 minutes.

04:38: Boarding begins.

04:41: Group 3 is called, time for me to board.

04:45: I am sitting in my seat on the plane. A change of aircraft. I notice this after I am looking for my row, the 3rd to last from back is now the 6th row from the back. I have to walk back a few rows to the front of the plane to grab my seat.

05:08: Boarding complete. Cabin door closed.

05:14: Push back. See you in Houston.

05:18: Take off.

06:16: Touchdown.

06:32: Off the plane.

06:37: Bathroom break and lidocane cream application.

06:43: All done with that, heading to the bus stop.

06:45: At the bus stop.

06:52: The 102 bus pulls up and on I get.

08:01: Off the bus, heading to the light rail station.

08:05: At the light rail station.

08:11: On the light rail.

08:35: Off the lights rail. Walking to the Duncan Building to get inside the complex.

08:39: Off the elevator, on the second floor, on the way to check in at the May’s clinic diagnostic center for blood work.

08:41: Check in at the diagnostic Center and take my seat.

08:53: I am called to the back and get my blood taken.

09:03: Done with the vampire.

09:05: On the skyway walking to the the wound care clinic to get my port accessed.

09:12: I check in the infusion therapy clinic. This clinic goes by 4 names.

09:34: I get called to the back to get accessed.

09:41: All done being accessed, heading down to the sixth floor for my doctor visit.

09:44: I check in on the iPad.

09:50: I go to the frontdesk to get my armband.

09:51: I get my vitals taken.

09:54: Sitting in the waiting area.

09:56: Michael comes and gets me and we head to the back and go over any changes which there are none.

10:10: Abey comes and sees me, everything is looking great.

10:15: Dr. Rodriguez comes in and checks me. Everything good as always.

10:26: All done with the doctor visit. Abey told me the research nurse would meet me downstairs sometime during my infusion. So down to the second floor I head.

10:30: I check in at the Clinical and Translational Research Veterans take my seat in the waiting area and wait…

10:50: I am called back to get my vitals taken again and I am assigned room 9.

11:00: I put my stuff in my room, bathroom break, and then setup my laptop.

11:15: The nurse hooks up my line, while she is doing this, the research nurse comes and gets my paperwork for the side effects of the drug, and gives me my next two weeks of papers to fill out.

11:20:  Just updating the blog, waiting for my drug to be prepped and brought tot he room.

12:25:  My drug is hung and pumping has started…

13:25: Done my drug infusion. Flushing the line.

13:35: Done flushing.

13:45: Deaccessed.

14:10: Packing Up and Heading Out!

14:14: Bathroom break.

14:16: On my way across the skyway to the may’s clinic and Duncan building.

14:25: Out of the Duncan building, walking back to the light rail station.

14:30: I arrive at the light rail station just as the light rail is pulling up. I tap the back of my bag to the card reader to pay my fare with my day pass and jump right on the train.

14:55: Off the light rail, walking to the bus station. According to the text schedule update should be about 20 minutes to the next bus.

14:58: At the bus stop.

15:18: The bus is here. Scan the day pass and get on the bus. Free ride since after 3 rides, all rides for the remainder of the day is free with the day pass.

16:10: At the airport.

16:13: In the TSA line.

16:28: Through security.

16:30: On the skyway.

16:34: Off the skyway.

16:38: I purchase a diet coke for the plane ride and for my pills I need to take.

16:43: Bathroom break.

16:45: Sitting at the gate.

17:40: Boarding begins.

17:45: I am sitting on the plane in my big 1A seat.

18:05: Just waiting for them to close the door. I am on the flight with Bobby. Hebert’s parents. They are in 1D & 1F.

18:07: Door closed.

18:08: Push back.

18:12: Taxing. See you in New Orleans.

18:34: After taxing all the way around the airport for a northward take off, we hit the runway and take off, doing a 270 degree left hand turn to head east.

19:20: Touchdown.

19:32: Off the plane.

© Craig