06/15/2016: 24th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

00:00: Still at the park eating my Pizza.

00:15: All done with my two slices of Pizza, back to my hotel room I head with my left over pizza and sodas for breakfast.

00:30:  I am back at the hotel room. I tell my wife what I ate and she is wanting some, so back over to the park we head.

00:40:  Back in the park she orders her midnight snack.

01:05:  Back at the hotel room.  ZzZzZzZzZzZ

07:00:  My alarm goes off and up I am.  Shower and getting ready.  Only bad thing about the shower is that it goes down too slow and fills up.  New construction/renovations and this is already happening?

08:00:  I finish putting on my numbing cream.  I jump on my laptop to catch up my blog.

08:35:  All done catching up my blog.  I still got about 25 more minutes to wait on my numbing cream.  I finish my pizza and back my bag.

08:55: I am going to head downstairs and go print up my boarding passes for the flight home this evening.

09:05: Boarding passes printed.

09:10: Teeth brushed.

09:15: Heading over to get my port accessed while my wife gets ready.

09:19: I sign in to get my port accessed.

09:24: They call my name to put on my wristband.

09:50: I am called to the back.

10:00: All done. Heading back to the hotel to get my bag, pick up my wife and check out before heading to my doctors appointment.

10:10: I am back in the hotel room. Everything packed and ready to go. We head out.

10:15: It takes 5 minutes waiting for the elevator. The elevators are overwhelmed in the hotel because of the constructions and having to use a series of elevators to get to the check in desk and the business center and other locations so they are being used more frequently to serve as detours for different points of access since walls have been constructed blocking off hallways leading to construction areas.

10:20: I check out then head over to the main building through the restaurant across the skyway up elevator B to the sixth floor.

10:30: I check in on the iPad.

10:34: I get called to check my wristband and get paperwork to fill out. I sit down to fill out the paperwork and get called to get my vitals so vitals, and then I sit back down start filling out the paperwork and get called to go back for my appointment by the nurse.

10:40:The nurse goes over everything.

10:49: Abby comes in and goes over things. He suggests seeing an endocrinologist.  He wants me to see one locally since they are acustom to the study drug.  I tell him that I would rather see a local one.  I have had enough issues with insurance and getting approvals for simple doctor visits here and it has been a never ending battle over money with the hospital and insurance.  I would rather just get the pill to try it and be done with it.  He didn’t realize the issues I was having and said yeah a local one would probably be better or just try the drug that Dr. Rodriguez suggested and see where that leads.  Emily comes in during the visit and she says that the drug that Dr. Rodriguez had mentioned was Cytomel.  Emily confirms the issues that I have been having with the insurance company as well, so just trying the drug wouldn’t be too bad and forgo the endocrinologist at the moment to get the one level back in line and Abby agrees.  Emily picks up the symptoms follow up paperwork that I fill out everyday and gives me a new blank packet to fill out.  I ask Emily about the reimbursement check for the study as I turned in the paperwork in January, 6 months ago, and still have not got an reimbursement check for my travels, hotel stays and food for July 2015 through December 2015.  She says that a check should have been issued, I told her that I never received one yet, and she said that she would follow up on that.

11:00:  Abby and Emily head on out and Dr. Rodriguez should be with me shortly.

11:10: Dr. Rodriguez shows up and ask me if I have any symptoms, I tell her no, she said no news and boring news is good when it comes to a chemo and a study drug.  I ask her about the drug that she had mentioned and she said yes she could try that.  I told her I was mentioning it to Abby and she said we could try it.  I told her that I would like to try it before seeing an endocrinologist because of all the hassle that the insurance company has been giving me and all the hassle that I have been having with MD Anderson’s billing department and wanting to send me to collections and just the stupidty surrounding the financial side of things when Blue Cross and Blue shield tells me that it is covered and billing keeps telling me that the claim was denied or pushed to out of network and then just leave it and I tell them that no it is in network and they have to keep following up with Blue Cross and Blue Shield to get paid and get the particular claim filed as in network and covered.  Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is not directly affiliated with MD Anderson, but Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas is, and through that underlying connection my Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is covered as in network with MD Anderson and the referral letter from Dr. Safah and the procedure of getting seen at MD Anderson has all made it possible for me to be in network with MD Anderson.  Problem is that there is no simple way of making me in network as far as the computer system is concerned and every claim has to be manually approved and followed up with.  This is where I feel that MD Anderson billing is not following up with all the claims to get them paid and just forwarding me the bills after the first denial and not following up further.  So back and forth I have gone.  Dr. Rodriguez says she is sorry that I am going through all that but she understand me not wanting to see any one else at MD Anderson because of the insurance and payment issues and that nonsense, so she will get that medicine into my Pharmacy so that I can start taking it.  I just need to watch for side effects like heart palpitations and heart racing and if I come across that, then I should stop the medicine and let her know.  With that we wrap up the appointment.

11:20: We head down to the second floor and I check in at CRTC.

11:50:  We get called to the back and get get my vitals taken.

11:55: I go to room 8 and get comfy.

12:40:  I get my vitals taken again, with 02, walk around, get my vitals taken again with 02 again.

12:45:  My medicine is hung and ready to go.

12:50:  The nurse gets another nurse to confirm the drug and me and everything matches before starting the drug.  The nurse come in and confirms.

13:50: Finished drug.

14:00: Finished flush.

14:15: Deaccessed

14:25: I start helping a client remotely while heeding to get some froyo.

14:40: At froyo but still helping client via telephone.

14:50: Done helping client. I grab some froyo.

15:00: Done the froyo. Time to head out. Over the skywalk we head.

15:10: Out of the Duncan building.

15:15: On the light rail.

15:31: Off the light rail.

15:36: On the 102 bus headed to the airport.

16:41: At the airport.

17:45: Sitting on the plane in the big front seats.

18:00: Cabin door closed about to push back. 49 minutes to New Orleans. We will be traveling at less than 23% the speed of sound.

18:03: Pushing back. See you in New Orleans.

18:15: Take off.

19:06: Touchdown.

© Craig