06/28/2016: PET Scan @MD Anderson

06:00:  Up I am.

06:30: Uncle vic pics up my mom, wife and I.  My dad has work…

06:53: At the airport.

07:00: Our bags get pulled to the side going through tea. Just too much mouthwash in mine and toothpaste too large in my wife’s bag.

07:05: Through security.

07:42: I get an email from Spirit saying our gate has changed to C4. We move from C5 where we were waiting for C6 to clear out but that spirit flight to Atlanta had been delayed. Therefore our gate has been reassigned.

07:59: The plane from Ft. Lauderdale arrives at C4.


08:10: Boarding now.

08:20: Sitting in the plane.

08:37: Door closed.

08:38: Pushing back.

08:42: Taxing, airplane mode on now, see you in Houston.

09:36: Touchdown.

09:45: At the gate.

09:50: Door open, off the plane.

10:01: On the skyway.

10:12: On the bus.

10:29:   A client calls me having issues with Quickbooks POS.  I remote in from my phone to their computer and the server and start checking out the situation.

11:00: Off the bus.

11:07:  On the light rail.

11:30:  Off the light rail.

11:35: In the Duncan Building.

11:40:  I sign in for my bloodwork.

11:55:  I resolve the quickbooks issue and call the client back, they are able to now access their Quickbooks Point of Sale.

12:08:  I am called back for my bloodwork.

12:15:  All done the bloodwork.  I head up elevators T to the 6th floor.

12:20:  I check in at the PET/CT Imaging area.

12:25.  I hook up my laptop and continue some remote support that I started last night.  I step the client through a few steps, now we just need to wait on the computer to complete some repairs.  I tell John to call me back after the computer is done repairing.

12:45:  Catching up the blog.  Waiting on them to call me back.

14:00: I am called back for my scan. I give my wife my phone, watch, medical chain as I can’t really have anything in the back. They have me use the restroom, then I am assigned room 15. I am then given a 32oz contrast to drink. I am told to drink 3/4 of the drink and save the last 1/4 for before the scan. They come access my arm and test the iv with a few flushes. This will be used for the radioactive glucose and the iodine contrast. I am then given the radioactive glucose, lights turned off, lighted picture turned on.

I take a nap.

They come and get me and bring me to use the restroom again. They have me drink the rest of my drink and then bring me to the back. They have me lay down on the table, put my feet up, put a knee pillow under my knees to keep my back flat on the table and my neck on a padded rest and then into the machine they slide me. He then meets me on the other side of the machine and hooks up the iodine line to my iv. Then he slides me back through the machine to start the scan. The machine first takes a quick CT image without contrast. I then go through and get another CT scan again with the contrast. Then the PET scan starts.
Once the PET/CT scan is done they take out the iv and send me on my way.

16:00: I am out of the PET/CT area, back by my wife who is waiting. I fix some settings on my moms phone and do some updates on my wife’s phone.

16:45: All done in the may’s clinic. We walk over the skyway to the rotary house through the detour and I check in, back through the detour and to our room, 833.

17:15: In the room. Spread out get what we need, and then out we head.

17:40: Getting some frozen yogurt.

© Craig