06/01/2016: 23rd Round Infusion at MD Anderson

07:00:  Up and into shower.

07:30:  Some left over pizza from last night out the fridge for breakfast.

08:00:  I had a client with some issues yesterday with internet at their office.  I start following up with that.

08:45:  I am done resolving those issues, just a loose power cable probably from the client doing some troubleshooting yesterday, but the real problem was that the ISP had gone down and not a local issue, so just an issue caused by the troubleshooting.

08:55:  Down to go grab some change for the housekeepers before heading off to appointments.

09:00:  I run into a housekeeper on the way down and I just have them break my $10.

09:05:  I go back in my room and put on my Lidocane cream. Wake my wife and she gets our stuff ready.

09:10:  I fill out my diary for the study and also check on a few emails that come in.

09:40:  Packing up my laptop and about to head out of the room.

10:00: Checked out the hotel.

10:13: My wife checks me in on the iPad on the wall.

10:16:  I get a text message to go to the frontdesk to get my wristbank.  I also get some paperwork to fill out.

10:20:  I get a text message to go get my vitals taken.

10:30:  I get called to the back by Michael and he reviews how I have been.  A fever of 99.6 and stomach bug on Friday which carried over to the weekend for recovery.

10:45: Abby comes and checks on me and goes over everything.

11:00: Dr. Rodriguez comes and checks on me.  Besides the gaestro bug she called it, everything else seems fine.

11:30:  Abby comes back and tells me Emily will catch me in CRTC.

11:45:  I got up to the 8th floor and check in at infusion therapy to get my port accessed.

11:50: I go and check in down on the 2nd floor at CRTC for my infusion, and then head back up to the 8th floor to wait to get accessed.

12:15: I get called to the back to get accessed.  Then I head down to the 2nd floor.

12:30: I get called to the back.

12:50:  I get hooked up.

13:05: My treatment starts.

14:05:  My drug finishes and the flush begins.

14:15: Flush is done.

14:17: Deaccessed.

14:20: Packing up the computer about to head out.

14:40: Bathroom and froyo break.

15:08: Out we head.

15:17: Out the Duncan building.

15:21: We miss the first train approaching as we walk up because my wife didn’t have her day pass ready.

15:24: We jump on the next light rail train.

15:47: Off the light rail.

15:49: At the bus stop.

15:51: On the bus.

16:45: Off the bus.

16:50: At TSA

17:00: Through TSA.

17:05: At the skyway.

17:07: On the skyway.

17:11: Off the skyway.

17:20: Sitting at the gate. Storming outside.

18:01: Sitting on the plane in out big front seat.

18:18: Closing the front door. About to push back.

18:20: Doors closed.

18:21: Pushing back now. See you in New Orleans.

18:26: Captain says we are going to do a reroute because of the weather in Houston. We will sit here for 10 minutes while the reroute is being done.

18:34: Rerouted and cleared to taxi. See you in New Orleans.

18:47: Takeoff

19:36: Touchdown.

© Craig