10/18/2016: PET Scan @MD Anderson

05:15: Up I am. Normal routine, get dressed, check my bag to make sure everything is packed and ready to go.

06:00:  Uncle Victor picks up my mom, dad, and out we head.  My wife has midterms this week, so therefore she cannot join us on the trip and staying home to take care of the fort.
06:20:  We arrive at the airport.

06:30:  At security we are.

06:40:  Through security we are.  The flight to Atlanta is already boarding, so by far C6 we sit and wait.  I update my phone while waiting.  I try to use my laptop but the airport Wi-Fi is so painfully slow, almost impossible to do anything with pings over 1000.

08:00:  Boarding begins.

08:10:  In the plane we are.  I am in the big front seat with my parents behind me in the big seats as well.

08:15:  The flight attendants are overly excited about beignets and the white powdered sugar, obviously not from here.

08:23:  Door is closed, boarding complete.

08:25: Push back.

08:34:  Takeoff.

09:27: Touchdown.

09:35: Off the plane.

09:40:  At the skyway.

09:44:  Off the skyway.

09:50:  At the bus stop.

10:05:  On the bus.

10:09:  Away we go.

11:05:  Downtown we are, off at Milan and Texas.  We walk the 2 blocks to the light rail station.

11:10:  At the light rail station.  Scan our day passes and onto the platform we walk.

11:13:  The light rail arrives and on we jump.

11:30: Off the light rail.  Wait for the long delayed crosswalk red-light signal

11:39:  Into the Duncan Building we head.

11:45:  I check in to the may’s clinic diagnostic Center.

12:05:  I get called.  They put on my arm bracelet, scan me and walk me to he back.  She takes 3 tubes of blood with no problems sticking me.

12:10:  All done with the bloodwork.  Upstairs to the 6th floor we head.

12:15:  I check in at the PET/CT Imaging Nuclear Medicine desk.

12:25:  I find a seat and catch up on my blog and work.

13:25:  I get called to the back.  They weigh me, 114.1kg.  They give me my contrast drink and blanket.  The nurse then comes in and prep me.  I ask for some ice for my contrast drink, he retrieves some and comes back and puts it in my drink for me.  He then preps me for an IV and the begins by using a green 18 inch Y IV starter.  It hurts like hell when he feeds it in my right arm.  He then pulls blood back with no issues and flushes the line with saline.

13:50:  Another nurse comes in and takes my glucose test, 124.  All good to proceed.  He then gives me the radio active glucose and leaves me in the room with the light off and the picture of a brick walkway with numerous color tulips in beds along a stream with more beds or tulips on the opposite side of the stream.  I take a nap as there is nothing else to do while waiting, no phone or anything while waiting.

14:50: Another nurse comes and gets me and instructs me to empty my bladder, finish my drink of the contrast and to wait for the tech to call me.

15:00: The tech calls me to the back and has me lay down on the table. He slides the cushion under my knees and then slides me all the way through the machine.  On the other side of the machine he hooks me up to the iodine contrast for the CT scan portion of the scan.  He does a test flow, some pressure and pain, but all good.  He then stops outside the scan begins.  They push the iodine into me and I feel my body burn and heat up.  That lasts for about 30 seconds to a minute while the CT scans my entire body by running my body through the front of the machine. Then it positions my head under the back of the scanner and slowly at the rate of a little over a millimeter a second which takes about 15 minutes to complete.  Towards the end since my head and arms are out the backside of the machine he comes and unhooks the iv, prepares the iodine contrast for the next patient and then takes the if out of my arm.  Once the scan is complete the platform travels back through the scanner.  Another tech then takes the padding from under my knees and helps me sit back up.  They send me on my way.

15:40:  I am out where my parents are waiting.  We go back down to the second floor of the may’s clinic.  Then across the skyway we traverse.  Through the faculty center through the restaurant, to the elevators and I check in at the front desk of the hotel.

16:00:  All done checking in.  We get room 436 for the night.  We go up to the room, put our thigns down, bathroom break, etc, and then prepare to head out.

16:15:  Out we head, down to the second floor, through the restaurant, through the faculty center, to the skywalk through the mays clinic and duncan building, and out to the stree to walk a block to the light rail station.

16:21:  On the light rail we get.

16:43:  Off the light rail we get.  We check out two places, and my parents decide nothing sounds exciting so we decide to go back to the Bombay Pizza Co.  The popular spot that we have been eating at the past few trips here.

16:51:  At the Bombay Pizza Co. we are.  I order my lasagna and a 12″ pizza, half a supreme, half a taste of India.  Great food as always.  My dad gets a lasagna as well and splits a pizza with my mom and mom my gets a Mediterranean salad.

18:11:  All done with eating tonight.  We head back to the light rail station.

18:16:  We aer back at the light rail station.  Onto the light rail we get.

18:40:  We are back at the TMC Transit center.

18:49:  Back at the Rotary House.  My dad goes and watches his NCIS.  My mom and I head down to the Business Center.  I print up the boarding passes for tomorrow.

17:05;  Back in the hotel room we are.

17:30:  I get my laptop and head downstairs for some frozen yogurt and to check a few things out while on the laptop.  My mom comes down and gets herself some yogurt and then gets some yogurt to bring up to my dad.  I just sit at my laptop and work on a few things.  I get to see the frozen yogurt shop close up tonight and watch the guy clean out one of the machines.

21:30:  I head back upstairs where I continue looking into some client issues form earlier today and think I have figured out their issues.

23:30:  I head over to the park.  I get an order of baked wings and a drink.

23:50:  All done I grab a few more drinks for the night and head back to the room.

23:59:  Back in the room and time to catch some ZzZzZzZzZzZz.  Goodnight!



© Craig