10/04/2016: 31st Round Infusion at MD Anderson

05:10:  Up I am and prepped I get.

05:30:  All packed up and ready to go.  My youngest sister, Sarah, is taking the trip with me this time.  My wife has school and work and unable to make the trip with me.

05:50:  To the airport we head.

06:10:  At the airport we arrive, and into the TSA Security Checkpoint line we get.

06:15:  The agent checks our passes.

06:17:  At the walkthrough machine we are, as I walk through I get “randomly” selected for further screening.  Hmm, 6 of us walk through and 4 of us are “randomly” selected.  I step off to the side and they swab my hands checking for explosive residue.  Well just my luck the machine goes off, so now I need to go through further testing.  They take my bin and my bag and swab it, along with my shoes, phone, laptop and put that into the machine.  That comes back clean.  So my hands are dirty but my bag and everything else I touched today is clean?  False positive if you ask me!  They take my license and fill out further paperwork on me and then into a private screening room.  They ask me if I have any medical implanted devices, I tell them I have a port.  They then explain to me the pat down procedure.  They do a full frisk/pat down thoroughly feeling my entire body for anything that shouldn’t be there.  Nothing found…  One of them leaves the room and comes back and says everything is good to go.  They give me my bag and my bin and my license back.  I head out, put my shoes back on, pack my laptop  back up and put the small things back in my bag.  What a wonderful way to begin my morning.

06:25:  All done with security.

06:30:  Sitting at C5 waiting for the flight to Atlanta to leave so we can get in C6 again.

07:00:  We move over to C6, now just waiting for our plane to arrive and boarding to begin.

07:52: The plane arrives from Ft. Lauderdale.

08:12:  Boarding begins for our flight to Houston.

08:20:  Seated in our big front seats on the plane.

08:30: Door closed.

08:34: Pushing back.

08:37: Taxing

08:42:  On the runway.

08:43: Takeoff.

09:34:  Touchdown.

09:39:  Waiting for a gate to open.

09:50:  We get to the gate.

09:52:  Off the plane.

09:55: Bathroom break.

09:58:  To the skyway.

10:03:  On the skyway.

10:08:  Off the skyway.

10:10:  At the bus stop to downtown.

10:37:  On the bus.

10:39:  Off we go.

11:25:  Off the bus.

11:33:  At the light rail.

11:37:  On the light rail.

12:00:  Off the light rail.

12:06:  In the Duncan Building.

12:08:  Across the skywalk through the faculty center to the elevators to the first floor of the rotary house.

12:10:  I check in at the rotary house but our room is not ready yet, so the clerk takes my cell phone number and the system will text us when the room is ready.

12:12: Back up to the second floor and across the skywalk to the main building, down the escalators to the second floor.

12:20:  I check in on the computers at the diagnostic Center and take a seat in the waiting room.

12:23:  I get a text from the rotary house saying that the room won’t be ready for another 60-120 minutes.

12:31:  I get a text staying my room is ready for me to come back and check in.  I will just wait here until I do my bloodwork before going back to check in.

12:40:  I get called back.  They check my name, medical record number, and then lead me to the back.

12:45:  I am in the chair.  The nurse takes a while feeling my arm trying to find a place to stick.  She finally sticks me in the outside cubical area of my right arm, and the blood flows nicely.  She fills the 4 tubes of blood.

12:55:  I am all done with bloodwork, we head back over to the skywalk to the rotary house and back downstairs to the frontdesk of the hotel to check in.

13:00:  We check in, this time I am in room 321, across the hall from where I was two weeks ago.

13:05:  Into the room.  I setup my laptop, update my blog and get ready for any incoming work that may come my way while I am in Houston.

13:14:  I get an email from a client.  I check into things and don’t find anything out of the ordinary and report back.

14:45:  Done catching up on work and paying credit card bills.  Time to head out for some frozen yogurt, food, and to show my sister around.

15:00:  We grab our frozen yogurt.

15:20:  I give my sister a tour of the main building and shower her everywhere I go everytime I am here and the basic outlay of the hospital.

15:50:  We drop off the things she collected for her research back at the hotel room, and then head out to the skywalk.

16:00:  At the light rail station.  I take her south and show her the Texans Stadium from the light rail perspective and show her where my Dad, my wife and I walked that night we missed the rail after meeting my dad at the airport last scan.

16:56:  We reach the Bombay Pizza Restaurant.  I order my usual lasagna and a 12 inch half and half pizza, a taste of India and the K Renee.

18:04:  All done at Bombay Pizza, my sister wants to go walking, so we walk from Bombay Pizza south and zigzag streets all the way back down past the MegaBus stop and then over to the Downtown Transit Center Light Rail station.

18:30:  We jump on the light rail back down south and head back to MD Anderson.

18:55:  Off of the light rail we are and walking back to the Duncan building.

19:00:  Across the skywalk we head.

19:10:  Back in the hotel room we are.  I catch up on some work.

20:05:  I head back down stairs to get some frozen yogurt and listen to the vice presidential debate as I eat my yogurt and continue my work.

21:15:  Back upstairs I head to work some more.

23:15:  I wrap up my work.

23:25:  I head down to the park to grab some drinks for the night.

23:35:  At the park.

23:55:  Back at the hotel room I am.

23:59:  I am heading down to print my airline tickets for tomorrow.

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