12/16/2015: 11th Round Infusion at MD Anderson.

0:00:  On the bus….

01:05: At the Baton Rouge Megabus stop.

01:15: Pull out of the stop.

01:20: Back on the interstate.

02:35: Rest break in Eagan, LA at Petro Truck Stop/Gas Station.

02:45: We are done our bathroom break. The other bus pulled up in front of our bus and we get on the wrong bus. Two people are in our seats and when I look out the window I see our bus parked on the other side of it saying to Houston. So we get off thr wrong bus and back onto the right bus.

02:58: Pulling out the rest stop.

03:00: Back on the interstate.

06:05: At the Megabus stop in Houston.

06:12: Off the bus. Drizzling. Walking to the lightrail stop.

06:15: At the rail station, purchase our tickets.

06:20: On the lightrail.

06:35: Off of the light rail. Walking to MD Anderson.

06:42: At the Mays clinic building.

06:44: Check in at the Diagnostic Center for bloodwork.

07:08: Off to the bathroom to put on my numbing cream.

07:10: Numbing cream on.

07:12: All done with the numbing cream, back in the waiting room waiting to be called for bloodwork.

07:45: They finally call me to the back.

07:52: Done with the bloodwork. I am not liking this new system, over an hour wait everytime just for blood.

07:53: Off to the Park in the main building a nice walk ahead of us.

07:55: Order our smoothies.

08:10: Got our smoothies, up to 8th floor for port aceess at wound clinic.

08:15: Sign in.

08:30: I am called to the back.

08:40: All done being accessed.

08:50: Head downstairs to the 6th floor to the Lymphoma/Myeloma Center.

08:55: I check in on the iPad.

08:56: As soon as I sit down I am called to the frontdesk to fill out the normal follow up paperwork.

09:11: I get a text to go to door E for vitals.

09:17: Vitals all done back in the waiting room.

09:43: I am tested to go to the back. A nurse meets us and brings us to our room. Goes over any symptoms which I have had none. Emily shows up and goes over my bloodwork. I am dehydrated and need to drink more. I need magnesium as I am sitting at1.6, not terribly low, but with the holidays coming up and Dr. Rodriguez wants to be safe and give me a booster IV supplement. Dr. Rodriguez walks in and goes over all the things Emily did. She then feels my body for changes and any possible lymphnode growth. She doesn’t feel anything. All is good. She has signed my orders for my nivolumab treatment.

10:05: We are heading out of the patient room and heading down to the second floor to the Clinical and Transnational Research Center.

10:10: I check in at the frontdesk and get my pager and sit down and update this while waiting to get called to the back.

10:30: The pager goes off, get up, give the pager to the frontdesk receptionist, and then off to get Vitals with the nurse.

10:40: In Room 10 for my infusion.

10:50: The nurse comes by and tells me that I am getting magnesium along with my nivolumab infusion.    The infusion will take 1 Hour, and the magnesium will take 2 additional hours.

11:15:  The nivolumab is started and will run to about 12:15, then the magnesium will be started and run to about 2:15.

12:20:  I am done all of my nivolumab and the flush.  They begin pushing my magnesium supplement into me.

14:30:  All done with my magneisum and flush and deaccessed.  Time to pack up and head to the airport.

14:46: Hitting the sky bridge.

14:56: Out the front doors of the Duncan building heading to the lightrail.

15:00: At the lightrail station.

15:02: Pay for our tickets at the station.

15:03: On the lightrail heading into the city.

15:27: Off of the lightrail heading to the express bustop to the airport.

15:30: At the busstop.

15:40: We hop on the 102 Airport Express Bus.

16:33: At the airport bus stop. Terminal C.

16:56: Through the security checkpoint. Heading to Terminal A.

17:00: Waiting for the skyway to take me to terminal A.

17:01: Train arrives.

17:02: .Train departs.

17:05: Train arrives at terminal A. Now need to walk to the gate.

17:10: At the gate. Quick bathroom break.

17:13: Sitting and waiting for boarding.

17:30: Boarding begins.

17:42: On our seats on the plane.

17:53: Pushing back from the gate. See you in New Orleans…

18:00: Takeoff.

18:50: Touchdown, landed.

© Craig