12/1/2015: Heading to Houston


03:00:  I leave a client’s office.

03:30: I get home and eat.

04:00: Laying in bed finishing up my client’s computers

08:00:  All done with the computers.

08:30:  I finally go to sleep.

11:45: I am up.

12:00: Dog out, shower, dress, head to office.

13:00:  Got my Wendy’s and at the office.  Work on things from last night.  Follow up with clients from yesterday.

15:00:  Start replacing a screen on a client’s laptop.

15:45: All done with the screen.

16:15:  The client comes and picks up the screen.

16:30: Back to working on vicarious things.

20:30:   I am heading home, forget my phone and go back for it.

21:00:  I am home.  Taco Bell for supper.

21:45: Getting my bags ready. Printing up my airplane boarding pass.

22:10: Shower.

22:30:  All ready, just resting.

22:50: We head out.  My wife, mom, and dad.

23:00:  Stop at the convenience store for drink for the road.

23:05:  Back on the road.

23:20: At the Train/Bus Station.

23:23:  Boarding begins.

23:35:  On the bus.  Someones bag is in my seat and he doesn’t want to move himself or his bag and says the bus driver will have to make him move.  I signal to the bus driver who comes into the bus and nothing further is said. He jumps up and moves into the.next row of seats.  Another gentleman sits next to me, we talk for a bit how he lived here in New Orleans East until Katrina his place was destroyed and he has been living right outside of Houston ever since.  Our convo is cut short as tr bus driver announces seat 2 is reserved and if anyone is sitting in that seat they will have to move and he does.

23:43: The bus is backing up.  Actually almost on time since our departure is supposed to be 23:40 and we usually always leave closer to midnight.

23:59: On the road..

© Craig