11/17/2015: PET Scan Results and 9th infusion @MD Anderson

08:10: Dropped off at the airport.  My wife takes the car home as she has classes today and can’t join us.

08:25: Through security.

08:30: Gate C6 waiting on the plane to arrive. Since it is storming in Houston I book a supershutle for a ride from the airport to the rotary house hotel, aka MD Anderson.

09:20: Boarding begins.

09:30: Seated in my seat.

09:48: Pushing back from the gate. Going into airplane mode, see you in Houston.

09:59: Take off. Pretty bumpy take off up to about 4000 feet. Very windy from the incoming front.

10:54: Very bumpy, shaky, wobbly landing. High wind speeds with a stormy cold front moving through Houston. Even the pilot came on the intercom saying Whoa Wowwy after we were on the ground and slowing down.

11:00: We pull up to a holding area while we wait for our gate to become open.

11:39: We pull up to our gate finally.

11:48: We check in at the SuperShuttle desk.

11:50: Our supershuttle driver comes inside and gets us from the supershuttle waiting area.

12:25: We are dropped off at the Rotary House. We go to the second floor and walk the sky bridges to the Mays Clinic building.

12:37: I check in at the diagnostic center for blood work.

13:50: Still waiting on a blood draw.

14:00: They call me to the back.

14:10: All done with the blood draw.

14:20: I check in at PET Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

14:30:  I am just finishing my paperwork when I am called to the back.

14:40: I am in Room 13 in the back.

14:50: They start an IV, check my blood sugar, it is 125, so no worries for the PET Scan.  They give me the radioactive glucose, and then leave me for an hour.  A nice hour of sleep.

15:50: They come get me from the room and bring me to the back and lay me on the table and slide me into the scanner.

16:08:  All done with the scan.

16:13: Updating the blog, now going to go grab a bite to eat, as I haven’t eaten anything in about 20 hours.

16:30: I check in at the front desk first to get our room.  We go upstairs and wait for the roll in bed to arrive.

17:30:  We head to go eat.  My parents go eat, while I take a detour first and grab some cookies and cream yogurt with many many topping choices.

18:00: I join them after my 16.60 oz cup of yogurt and toppings.

18:15: After checking out the bar and everything else I go with my 12 Oz Sirlon with garlic mashed potatoes and onion strings.

19:30: All done eating, back in the hotel room watching NCS.

20:30: I take off to the Business Center in the Rotary House Hotel and print up our boarding passes for tomorrow’s return flight home.  I also check emails and a number of other things. while at the business center.

21:15: I return to the room.  I get on my laptop and check the news and watch TV.

22:45: Just catching up on the blog.  About to head to the Park Cafe to check out their Pizza, which they only serve in the evening/night time hours.  The Park Cafe is open 24/7.

23:00: I arrive at The park.  I get a slice of lasagna and a personal pepperoni pizza both for less than $8.50 including tax.

23:15: Back at the hotel room eating.

23:45:  All done.  Time to go to sleep.

23:59: Another day done…  ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz

© Craig