11/18/2015: PET Scan Results and 9th infusion @MD Anderson


06:30: I am up.  Time to shower.

07:15:  Everything done, dressed, numbing cream on, saran wrap on, everything good to go, time to pack up and check out.

07:45: I check out downstairs.

08:00: I check in at Infusion Therapy to get my port accessed.

08:15: All done being accessed.  I head downstairs to the 6th floor to the Lymphoma Clinic.

08:32:  I check in on an iPad at the Lymphoma Clinic.

08:33: I get a text to go to the frontdesk to get my paperwork to fill out.

08:40: I get a text to go door E.  They take my vitals then bring us to the room.

08:45: The nurse comes in and goes over all the normal questions, pain, no, medicines review, etc.

08:50: The doctor comes in.  Dr. Rodriguez is out, so I see Dr. Nastoupil.  She says the scan is great.  No signs of Lymphoma.  Just needs to watch my Liver levels.

09:00:  All done with the doctor.  Emily is out sick so I won’t see her today.

09:10: I check in at the Clinical and Translational Research Center.

09:30: I am called into the back.  Vitals taken again, and then I go to room 9.  Just waiting on my drug.

10:30: My medicine is ready to go.

10:33: I am hooked up and pumping.  1 Hour to pump.

11:30: Done pumping flushing now.

11:35: Done flushing.

11:40: Port Deaccesed. I research the public transit for which station to get off when riding the lightrail northbound. So we get on and go to Central St on main then walk 2 blocks to the bus stop at Travis and Texas St. then catch the 102 express bus to IAH airport all for 1.25 for a 25 mile trip.

12:00: Route planning done, walking now to the lightrail station.

12:20: At the lightrail station. Purchase lightrail tickets from the automated ticket kiosk.

12:28: Board the second train as the first train arrived when purchasing tickets.

12:50: Exit the lightrail. Heading to Texas and Travis.

12:54: At the bus stop at Terminal C.

13:14: The 102 bus to the airport reaches the stop. We board. On the way to the airport.

14:04: At the airport bus stop.

14:07: We get on the subway that runs underground between the Terminals.

14:15: We are at Terminal A. Up two escalators to security.

14:25: In line at security.

14:45: Done with security.

15:00: I ride the skyway to check it out. The skyway connects the different concourses.

15:30: I grab a bite to eat. BBQ brisket sandwich.

16:10: Sitting at the terminal waiting.

18:10: Plane boarding begins.

18:25: We are pushing back from the gate. See you in New Orleans.

18:35: Takeoff.

19:20: Touchdown.

19:27: Off the plane.

19:32: Outside

19:35: My wife picks up my dad, mom, and I.

19:50: Kathy Inn for Chinese food. I am exhausted.

21:20: We are home. Tied and delirious.

22:15: I had enough for today, ZzZZzZz. Goodnight.

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