02/09/16: HappyMardi Gras – Travelling to Houston

02/09/16: Happy Mardi Gras 2016

06:20:  I am up.

07:30:  On the way out to the parade route.

07:50: Parked.

08:00: Walking to where Uncle Frank said they would be.  They said they wouldn’t be leaving their house until 8:30.  It’s my wife and my dad.  We setup a chair for my wife in the area we will be catching Rex and let my wife sit since she doesn’t want to walk to see Zulu and we walk the 3/4 miles down to Jackson Age from Toledando.

08:30:  We make it to Jackson.  The parade still isn’t here yet.

09:00:  The parade gets to Jackson and Baronne St.

09:35:  My dad sees a coworker in Zulu and gets a coconut from him.


11:00:  We abandon Zulu at Rex is making it to out spot 3/4 miles up the parade route, so we walk and make our way back, catching three floats before getting back to our spot where my wife is already in full action taking pictures of floats and catching beads with the rest of the family and friends.  We stay out on the route and catch Rex and the two truck parades.

16:11:  The parades are all finished where we are catching them.  Time to head home.

16:30:  We get home.  Unpack the car.  My dad takes a nap while my wife and I eat some castle burgers from Tastee Donuts that my mom picked up while we were out on the route.

17:15:  My wife and I head over to my office to scan my receipts from all of my past trips.  That way I have a copy of all my receipts after I give Emily my original receipts to get reimbursed by the study for all of my expenses of travelling and hotel stays and meals during the study.

19:45:  We are back home after scanning all the receipts.

20:00:  I go on the Metro website to load up our Metro Day Passes so that we pay no more than $3 a day for the bus and light rail in Houston.  Regular $1.25 per trip, the day pass is $1.25 for rides one and two for that day $0.50 for ride three and all rides after that are free, so that is the best route for traveling on the metro in Houston.

20:45:  I pack my laptop, tickets and everything else into my travel bag.

21:00:  I go lay down in my room and take a nap.

22:20:  My dad wakes me up as Uncle Victor is on the way over to pick us up since all of us are going this trip and drop us off at the airport.  He will take care of the dogs as they hold down the fort while we are gone.

22:50:  We leave the house.

23:05:  We arrive at the train/bus station.

23:25:  We begin boarding the bus.

23:40:  We are backing away from the bus station.

23:45:  We are on the interstate.

23:59:  Traveling…

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