02/10/16: 15th Round Infusion at MD Anderson.


00:00:  On the Megabus heading to Houston.

02:00: I start feeling those dozen castle burgers that I ate. Not a good feeling on a bus.

06:06: We arrive at the Megan’s stop. We walk to the light rail system and use our new Metro Day Pass cards with no major issues.

06:38: We are in the may’s clinic.

06:50: I check in at the diagnostic center for my blood work.

07:15: All done with bloowork.

07:30: I got my numbing cream on. Stomach still bothering me. I head across the sky bridge. I head up to the eighth floor to get my port accessed.

08:15: I check in. To get my port accessed.

08:35: I am called to the back and get my port accessed.

08:47: All done getting accessed. Down to the sixth floor I head to meet with Dr. Rodriguez.

08:57: I check in on the iPad and the Lymphoma and Melanoma Center and have a seat. Stomach still bothering me.

08:58: I am texted: “Please come to the front desk so we can check your armband and go over any paperwork.”  I go check in and get my paperwork and fill that out.

09:13: I am texted: “Please go to the door marked with a C. Your clinical team will meet you there to take you to the exam room.”  It is really for vitals.  I get my vitals taken and then back to the waiting area.

09:47: I am texted: “Please go to the door marked with an E. Your clinical team will meet you there to take you to the exam room.”  Michael greets me and we head to the back.

10:00: Dr. Rodriguez shows up.  She is not happy with my numbers.  My liver enzymes are up and my sugar is over 200.  I tell her that yesterday was Mardi Gras.  I knew my numbers were going to be the day after Mardi Gras.  She said she sees a slow upward trend.  I tell her I’ll watch what I eat, but I know Mardi Gras’s numbers were going to be a killer 2 months ago.

10:20: Emily shows up and reveals the same thing, however she did remember me saying that today’s numbers were going to be off the chart.  She said that I was not in the worst shape, some patients that she had come in today already were still hung over or drunk from the previous day, so considering all that, I am decent for today, lol.

10:30: All done at the doctors office, down to the 2nd floor for my treatment.

10:40: I check in at the research center, they give me my pager and I sit down.

11:00: My pager goes off.  I go to the back and get my vitals taken.  Then to room 10 I go.

11:30: My drugs are ready and I am hooked up.

12:30: My infusion is done.

12:45: Out of the research center.  My stomach is still bothering me, mainly gas.  Probably from those kastle burgers yesterday.  We head over to the Fro Yo because I have been telling my wife about it, but every trip that she has come on so far, we were running behind and she has not been able to get some, so this time she will get her yogurt.

13:10: She gets her Fro Yo.

13:30: We start our walk back to the light rail station.

13:40:  One last bathroom break in the mays clinic of MD Anderson before heading to the light rail to make our way back to the airport.

14:10: We are at the light rail station.  We use our Day Passes and jump on the light rail because it was just pulling up as we got to the station.

14:33: We are at Main Central Station where we get off the light rail and walk the two blocks to the bus stop.

14:36: At the bus stop, waiting for the 102 Express Bus to the Airport.

14:47: The bus picks us up a the stop.  On our way to the airport.

15:32: The bus arrives at Terminal C at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

15:33 We go through security.

15:38: All done with security, no lines are nice.

15:45: On the skyway.

15:50: At terminal A.  We walk from the skyway to the gate area.

15:56: At the gate area, just watching planes come and go while we wait for our flight.

17:40: Boarding begins.

17:55: Boarding done.

18:00 We push back.

18:05: Take Off

18:56: Touch Down.

19:10:  I purchase my tickets for my next return flight home in two weeks.

19:30: Uncle Vic picks us up at the airport.

19:50: Home we are.  I am feeling better and most of the gas is gone, no more stomach pains.  I have not eaten all day as a result though!

20:30:  We head out to Don’s Seafood.  I get a dozen of their char grilled oysters, a Seafood Salad along with a cup of gumbo.  Great supper.

10:10:  All done.  We head back home.

10:30: ZzZzZzZzZz, I am out, another long day.

© Craig