02/24/2016: 16th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

03:30: I wake up.  I get dressed and all the other wonderful lovely stuff in the morning.

03:45:  My wife and my dad bring me to the airport.

04:00:  At the airport at concourse D waiting to go through security.

04:15:  I get to the front of security.

04:20:  I am through security.

04:23:  I am sitting in the boarding area at gate D11.

04:42:  Boarding begins.

04:49: On the plane and in my seat.

05:01: Pilot says to go into airplane mode. Going to be a bumpy ride even though we will be flying low at 22,000 feet. See you in Houston. We will arrive at C35.

05:03: We begin pushing back.

05:10: Waiting to get on the runway.

05:14: On the runway taking off to the west.

05:15: Take off.

05:49: We begin our decent.

06:23: Touch down.

06:28: At the gate.

06:35: The pilot announces the jetway roll up is stuck and someone on the way to fix it.

06:36: Door fixed, passengers begin unloading.

06:40: To the bathroom.

06:45: Numbing cream on.

06:49: Waiting outside for the bus.

06:51: The bus pulls up.

06:52: On the exprees bus on the way to the city.

07:56: Off the bus. Walk 2 blocks.

08:00: At the light rail. I tap my metro card and wait for the rail.

08:02: The light rail arrives and I am on my way.

08:25: Off the light rail and walking to the may’s clinic.

08:32: I check in at the May’s Clinic for my bloodwork.

08:55: Called to the back for my bloodwork.

09:04: All done my bloodwork.

09:07: Walking the skyway to the main building.

09:15: I check in at the infusion therapy clinic to get my port accessed.

09:30: I am called to the back.

09:36: All done being accessed. I head down to the sixth floor for my doctor appointment.

09:39: I check in on the iPad.

09:41: I am texted to do to the front desk to get my paperwork to fill out.

09:45: I get texted to go to door D but then called to door C for vitals.

09:50: Vitals all done. Back to the waiting area.

09:54: I get texted to go to door E. Michael meets me and takes me back. We go over all info.

09:58: Waiting on the doctor.

10:10: Dr. Rodriguez shows up. My numbers are much better this week. She is happy with the progress so far and no side effects I have.

10:23: Dr. Rodriguez is done with her examination. Just waiting on Emily.

10:30: Emily takes my last report and gives me my new report to fill out for the next two weeks.

10:33: All done with Emily. Quickly update the blog.

10:38: On the elevator heeding to the second floor.

10:40: I check into the Clinical and Transnational Research Center. They give me my pager.

11:10: I am called to the back.

11:20: I am in my room, Room 9.

11:35: The nurse comes and tells me hello. He tells me my drug is being prepared.

12:10: He comes back and hangs my drug.

12:30: Food Service. I border my usual a turkey sandwich and a bowl of soup along with some baked chips and 2 cookies a tea and diet Dr Pepper.

13:15: All done with my drug. Deaccessed. I didn’t get to eat my sandwich because I got busy working on things for clients. So I take it with me. I head to the third floor area near the gazebo and eat my meal, get on the computer, purchase my dads united ticket for the flight here in 2 weeks. Help out a client remotely and do a few more things.

15:00: I pack up, catch up my blog, and now going towards the light rail towhead back to the airport.

15:05: On my way to the skyway.

15:15: Off the skyway. Bathroom break.

15:19: Outside walking to the light rail station.

15:22: I see the light rail coming so go across the crosswalk with the orange guy displayed and tap the back of my backpack to the card reader and jump on the rail as it pulls up.

15:46: Off the light rail. Walk the 2 blocks to the bus stop.

15:49: At the bus stop.

15:52: On the Express 102 Bus to the airport.

16:49: At the airport.

17:00: Through security.

17:03: On the skyway.

17:08: Off the skyway at terminal A. Walking to my gate.

17:15: At my gate however my flight is delayed by at least 3 hours now. Possibly find something to eat here.

17:40: I find out my flight is cancelled. Time to see how to get back home.

17:50: in line at Spirit ticket counter.

19:30:  Everything figured out.  I got a flight out tomorrow on United at 3:49.  I have a hotel voucher, two meal vouchers, and two taxi voucher’s one to the hotel and one back to the airport.

20:15:  I catch a taxi to the hotel.

20:45:  At the hotel.

21:30:  I grab some food and drink from their freezers/fridge using my food vouchers.

23:00: In bed.

23:30: ZzZzZzZzZ

© Craig