06/12/2015: Chemo 3:2 – Cycle 4


08:45:00  On the way to Tulane for Chemo…  I just don’t get it.  People and their driving and their road rage.  Today for instance, I had a car who decided they didn’t want to wait in line for the left two turning lanes at the red light, so they skip the line and then get right next to my car and turn their wheels so they can force themself right in front of my car, less than a foot from the front of my car.  I just ignore them drive round their car and not let them in because I have already been waiting in line for 5 minutes and I am not going to catch another redlight because they don’t want to wait their turn.  They proceed to cut off the person behind me having them slam on their brakes, and then swerve around multiple cars just to get on side my car and curse me out and speed up cutting off the car in front of me causing him to slam on his brakes.  I just don’t get it.  If she is in that much of a rush she should leave earlier, not try to cut people off.  Some people think the world revolves around them and they own the road.  Cutting people in line for because you don’t want to wait your turn is just a pet peeve of mine.  If I miss a turn or don’t feel like waiting, I’ll go another route which will still get me there, not do a last minute cut off for people that have been waiting.  Next time something like that happens, I’ll have a license plate for you, LOL.  I am sure she had to get to her Chemo treatment or something important… Blah,  Rant over…

9:00: I sign in at the front desk.

9:20: I am taken to the back. 252 weight, 98.2 temp.

9:30: Accessed and Blood Drawn for tests.

10:25: Good Premeds… Benodryl, Cortizone, Tylenol.  Loopy Time 😛

11:15: Infusion time.  I am verified, and they hook me up for the Brentuxmab.

11:45: Infusion done, flushing time…

12:00: Flushing done…

12:05: Deaccessed, time to head on out…

12:10: I check Ticketmaster.com for tickets to Impractical Jokers performance at the Saenger Theater in New Orleans.  They have seats available together for four people, so I am going to walk the three blocks to grab some tickets for tomorrow night and save the ticket fees by getting them on the Ticketmaster website.

12:15: I talk to the nurse across the hall, and the bad news is that the 9/10 match out of Portugal didn’t work out, however, there is a 10/10 match in the United States that has come available.  They are going to follow up with this and give me more info on my next follow up appointment.  My next PET/CT Scan is July 1, so my next follow up appointment will be July 2.

12:25: I walk out and head over to the Saenger.  I pick up 4 tickets for tomorrow night’s show, then walk back to the parking garage at Tulane where my car is parked.  I get in my car and head to my office.

1:00: I get to my office.  Not to my surprise, the A/C is not working, again!  The A/C can’t go 2 months without running into issues, it is constantly having issues it seems, and always too hot in the office.  My back office is 78 degrees, and when I open the door to my front office area, I get that distinct burning electrical smell, great.  Constant A/C issues is just one of the joys of having leased office space… BLAH.  Time to just work in the office in just my shorts, as its a sweatbox, but I need to get some work done!

6:00:  I get dressed and head out the office and back to a cool AC’d home…

6:15: I am out in the garden and find 4 cucumbers that are ready to be picked, so I snip them off their vine and bring them inside and weigh them and enter them into a spreadsheet I created to keep track of the Garden’s production for this year.

7:00:  Inside eating Tuna and Rice-A-Roni.

9:00: On the computer doing work.  Prepping a website for a client, and creating a test website for testing plugins and such before using them on a live client’s website.

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