03/09/2016: 17th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

03:30:  Up.

04:00:  Out the house.

04:10:  My wife and mom drop off my dad and I at the airport.

04:20:  Through airport security.

04:30:  Sitting at the gate.

04:52: Boarding begins.

04:57: On the plane.

05:12: Airplane door closed, airplane mode, see you in Houston.

05:15: Pushback.

05:25: Turning onto runway.

05:26: Takeoff.

06:20: Touchdown.

06:25: Off the plane. Terminal C.

06:30: into the restroom.

06:36: Bathroom break done, numbing cream on.

06:39: Waiting for the express 102 bus to downtown.

06:57: On the express 102 to downtown.

07:48: Off the bus. Walking to the light rail.

07:55: At the light rail station. Card tapped and waiting for the light rail.

07:57: Light rail arrives, we get on board and on our way.

08:20: Off the light rail.

08:21: Metro Police check our fare card with their scanner to make sure we scanned our card before we boarded the rail.

08:25: In the Duncan building.

08:29: Filling out the bookstore paper to check in.

08:31: Sitting in the waiting to be called back.

08:50: I am called to the back. The nurse sticks me twice and can’t get anything, so she has another nurse stick me who gets it on the first stick.

09:00: Heading over to the main building via the skyway to get my port accessed.

09:10: On the eighth floor. I check in at the infusion therapy clinic and sit and wait.

09:25: I am called to the back.

09:40: All done and accessed. Heading to the sixth floor to the lymphoma clinic.

09:41: I check in on the iPad…

09:43: I go called to the frontdesk. They tell me I have a copay of $50. I ask them if I am being seen as in network now because MD Anderson has been messing me up on the billing. She says she will check and then she says she cannot confirm if it is in network or out of network. I tell her I will not pay the copay then. I have billing issues with MD Anderson and I am not paying anything until everything is cleared up as far as billing and being in network or out of network because since I have started here in July, I have been treated both ways as in network and out of network and billed both ways and have paid out of network fees and then found out it was in network and had to request a refund for what I had paid. I have only paid once and was refunded. Since then I have not paid anything because of MD Anderson blaming Blue Cross and Blue Cross blaming MD Anderson and some out of network charges being reversed to in network after initial complaints, and then watching various charges for both in and out of network at random for services. We shall see what happens there. I told the nurse just bill me. I have to work out what is going on with MD Anderson financially.

09:47: I am called into the back for vitals.

09:52: The nurse leads us through the waiting room to my patient room. I pick up my bag and my dad follows us to the patient room.

09:55: Sitting in the patient room waiting.

10:05: Emily and Abby pop their head in and quickly check up on me. I give Emily my two week paperwork and my post every 4 treatment overview and she gives me my paperwork for two more weeks. Abby listens to my breathing and feels me for lumps. They are done and both leave and tell me Dr. Rodriguez will be in shortly.

10:15: Dr. Rodriguez comes in and sees me. The liver is still the same. Everything else is pretty good. She says that my orders have been put into the system and Emily helped her put them in. I am all done with here and we start heading out. Michael grabs me and we go back into the room. He needs to make sure that I am right in the new system and goes over his part of entering in my data of if any pain, medication changes, etc.

10:30: I am done at the lymphoma clinic. We head down the elevator to the second floor and check in at the clinical and traditional research center. I am given my pager and sit in the waiting room till it goes off.

10:40: The nurse calls my name, and we head to the back. I get my vitals taken and then to the back to bed 17.

10:55: Just waiting for my drug.

12:25: My drug arrives. I am hooked up and pumping begins.

13:45: Infusion complete. Deaccessed.

13:55: Bathroom break.

14:05: Walking the skywalk to the Duncan building.

14:15: Out of the Duncan building.

14:18: At the light rail station, day pass cards scanned.

14:22: The northbound light rail arrives. We jump on.

14:23: Heading downtown to our Central Station Main stop.

14:48: Off the light rail at the Preston station because the doors didn’t open up at central station main. We walk two blocks back and over a block, just one block more than needed, no big deal.

14:53: Sitting at the bus station waiting.

15:18: The bus pulls up and on I jump. Pay my fare by tapping the back of my backpack to the card reader and move on back. The bus is packed so my Dad and I are across the isle from one another. Just a city bus, not a travel bus this time.

16:00: At the airport.

16:05: At security.

16:33: Through security.

16:37: At the skyway.

16:38: On skyway heading to A.

16:42: At A, walking to the gate.

16:50: At the terminal, sitting around waiting.

17:27: Boarding begins.

17:40: Sitting in my seat on the plane.

17:50: Pushing back from the gate. See you in New Orleans. We stop pushing back, bad lightning probably the reason why. Crew and lightning don’t mix.

18:14: We start rolling out to the runaway.

19:34: Touchdown. We had to detour due to bad weather and flew way kit of our way to fly around the weather.

19:44: Off the plane.

© Craig