03/23/2016: 18th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

03:30: Up.

03:50: Out the house.  My dad driving my wife and I.

04:07: At the airport, my wife and i jump out.

04:11:  In the TSA line.

04:34: Through security.

04:40: Boarding begins.

04:46: Seated on the plane.

05:12: Pushing back. See you in Houston.

05:20: Taxing to the north end of the North/South runway.

05:22: Takeoff.

06:14: Touchdown. Taxing to gate C40.

06:28: Off the plane.

06:32: At the first floor bathroom. I put on my numbing cream.

06:38: All done, heading out to the bus stop.

06:50: The bus pulls up. Not a city bus but their nicer charter type busses. We jump on, scan our day passes for the metro.

08:02: Off the bus. Plenty of traffic on the way in, the hov lane was even slow.

08:07: At the light rail station, scan our metro day passes and wait for the light rail.

08:09: The light rail arrives and we jump on.

08:31: Off the light rail.

08:37: In the Duncan building.

08:39: I fill out my sign in sheet for bloodwork.

08:43: Sitting down waiting.

08:55: I am called to the back. The new system is not scanning my armband, and takes about 10 extra minutes than usual just to print the test labels for the tubes.

09:10: All done with bloodwork.

09:15: Walking across the skyway from the may’s clinic to the main building.

09:22: In the main building, second floor, heading up to the eighth floor to get my port accessed.

09:24: Check in to get my port accessed.

09:40: I am called to the back.

09:57: All done. Chatted with the nurse about traveling and prices.

09:59: On the elevator to the 6th floor to the Lymphoma/Myeloma Cancer Center for my appointment with Dr. Rodriguez.

10:01: I check in on the iPad.

10:07: I get a text to go to the frontdesk for them to go over my arm band and anything else.

10:12: I am called to the back for vitals and then put in room 15 for fast track.

10:15: The PA goes over my labs with me. My liver enzymes are getting better results. Just coughing and blowing my nose still.

10:23: All done with the PA.

10:24: Emily arrives. I give her the paperwork which we quickly review. I go over the Cipro I am taking for the cough.

10:30: All done with Emily.

10:32: I am heading down to the second floor to the clinical translational research center.

10:40: I check in at the front desk.

11:20: I am called to the back. Vitals taken. I am assigned room 9.

11:35: Ken is taking care of me. Just waiting for my medicine to arrive.

11:40: I turn on mission impossible.

12:30: My drug arrives.

12:40: Ken hangs my drug.

13:40: Drug is done. Flushing.

13:45: Flushing done.

13:50: Deaccessed and done with Ken for today.

14:09: All packed up.

14:15: Going to grab some yogurt/ice cream.

14:48: All done with my pound of yogurt.

14:51: Through pickens tower to the sky bridge to the may’s clinic and Duncan building.

15:04: Done skyway, down to first floor and now walking to the light rail station.

15:07: At the light rail station.

15:12: We jump on the light rail heading north to downtown.

15:37: Off the light rail a stop too soon.

15:42: Walking up Travis I see the 102 stopped at a red light. I point to the driver and he opens the door saying I made it just in time. We jump on.

16:37: At the airport.

16:54: Through security.

16:57: On the skyway.

17:02: At concourse A.

17:08: At gate A17

17:13: Preboarding begins.

17:17: Zone 3 boarding.

17:22: Sitting in my seat on the plane.

17:48: Boarding complete.

17:52: Pushing back. See you in New Orleans.

18:51: Touchdown.

© Craig