09/09/2015: 4th Treatment @ MD Anderson

01:20: Pull out of Danny and Clydes at Clearview & I-10.

06:15: Arrive @ MD Anderson.

06:25: Check in at the lab to get my blood test done.

06:45: Called to the back for blood draw.

07:00: @ Anderson Cafe for breakfast.

07:45: Check in at the Lymphoma and Myeloma center for my 10:45 appointment.

08:00: Texted to check my wristband and initial well being paperwork I need to fill out.  Just waiting in the waiting room.

09:00: My vitals are taken.

09:30: I am called into the back.

10:00: I see Dr. Rodriguez. Everything is good to go. Some alinpurinal for high uric acid is ordered. Up my magnesium dose from 400 to 650 every night. Also will call in a antibiotic for my cough that is starting to get a funny flavor when I cough.

10:45: Emily sees me, gives me my new homework survey sheets and collects my current survey. Drugs are ordered and good to go.

11:00: Done with the doc appointment.

11:20: Check in at research for my infusion on first floor.

11:30: Check in at the portocath on 8th floor to get my port accessed.

11:45: Called to the back.

12:00: Port access complete.

12:15: Back by infusion.

13:00: Check to see what’s going on since my infusion appointment was for 12:15. They tell me I need to go to the second research infusion center on the first floor that is a little over a month old.

14:30: Called into the back.

14:50: Blood drawn.

14:55: Infusing started.

15:55: Infusion complete.

16:10: Port flushed and heparin put in port and needle pulled.

16:30: Bathroom break pay for parking, and out of garage.

16:45: On the road…  610 Traffic East and North was horrible as it was rush hour.  Took about 45 mins to go 10 miles.

22:30: We get off @ the Causeway exit.  Fill up my sister’s car with gas, return it to her house and then head home.

23:15: Back home…  ZzZzZzZzZzZ

© Craig