09/22/2015: PET/CT Scan @ MD Anderson

1:45:  We pull out of Danny and Clydes @ Clearview and W Napoleon and onto I-10.

6:50: We pull into Parking Garage 10 @ MD Anderson.

7:10:  Check in with Laboratory.

7:25: I am called into the back and have 4 tubes of blood drawn.

7:30: All done with lab.

7:40: At MD Anderson Cafe. I grab a water because I can’t eat anything for 6 hours before the scan.

8:10: All done at the cafe, time to head to the Mays Clinic building. We walk the skybridge which is about 1/2 miles from the main building.

8:15: We sit down at the Pet Imaging / Nucleur Medicine center. I’ll wait to 12:00 to check in as my appointment isn’t to 2, just have time to kill.

13:00: I check in.  6 hours since I drank my diet Dr. Pepper and took my synthroid pill.  They give me paperwork to fill out, I return to my seat and fill it out and then return the clipboard, then back to my computer.

14:00: They call me to the back.  They give me a locker, I put my Dog Tag aka Medical Bracelet and my watch in the locker.  They tell me to go to room 15, but it is occupied, and then I am moved to room 16.  I have a warm blanket thrown over me and told the nurse will be in shortly.  The nurse arrives and tries to start the IV.  She doesn’t feel anything in my right arm, so she tries my right hand and blows the vein.  I show her where they stuck me earlier for my bloodwork, and she attempts to go a little lower, and is able to get the IV started.  She test the line and no pain, and I taste the saline, so everything is good to go.  She goes and gets the Radioactive Glucose and puts my dosage into the IV and pushes more saline to give me all of the glucose.  She tells me I will now lay in the dark room and wait for about an hour till someone comes and gets me.

15:00: The tech comes and gets me, has me use the bathroom and then leads me to the platform to lay on, puts the support under my knees, raised the platform, and lines the laser up with my eyes so that that the scan goes from my eyes to my knees.

15:30: Scan all done.

16:00: We check into the hotel room.

17:00: We go to the The Oaks.  My meal for the entire day, and I eat well.  Appetizer, 3 sliders, Entree, 12 Oz Ribeye Steak, Onion Strings, and Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Desert, Molten Brownie with Ice Cream.  I haven’t eaten in 24 hours.

10:30: I go for a walk, I want to find the 24 hour cafe.  I find it.  They have personal pizza’s, starbucks, smoothie king all in one offering.  I am definitely returning here for breakfast, and lunch.

11:00: Blood Glucose of 111, so all good there even after that hefty meal and plenty of sugars in the ice cream and brownie.

11:45: Updating my blog.  About to go to sleep.

11:59: All done… Goodnight!


© Craig