09/23/2015: PET Scan Results and 5th infusion @MD Anderson

06:50:  I wake up and get up and head to the lab in the main building.  I walk from the rotary house, across the sky bridge, down to the second floor.

07:15:  I sign in.

07:35: They call me to the back.

07:45: All done with the bloodwork.  I walk back to the hotel room.

8:00:  I am back at the hotel room and and get a shower.

8:30: I check out of the hotel.

8:45: We head over to The Park Cafe and have Smoothie King for Breakfast.

09:30:  I sign in on the tablet at the lymphoma center.

09:34: I get a text to go to the frontdesk to get paperwork.

09:44: I get a text to go to get my vitals taken.

09:54: I get a text to door E.

10:00: The nurse takes me to the back. He goes over questions and then leaves.

10:10: The PA comes in and goes over the PET Scan results.  VERY GOOD RESULTS.  Methodically everything is good!  No signs of any active nodes.

10:20: Emily, the study nurse comes in and goes over everything with me.  She is very pleased.  She takes my daily log, and my status review for today.

10:30: Dr. Rodriguez comes in.  She is very pleased with the results.  We bring up Stem Cell Transplant talks again and go over those options for the future.  If we get the next PET Scan in 8 more weeks equal or better than this scan, then I will be in Remission.  At that point that Remission is declared, then we will have 1 more year of treatments following that, then looking forward to moving towards that Stem Cell Transplant.

11:15: I put on my lidocaine cream.

11:25: I check in at the infusion unit on the second floor.

11:30: I go upstairs to the eighth floor and sit in the waiting room for the  access center.

11:45: I check in at the access center.

12:10: The buzzer/pager goes off for the second floor infusion I silence it.

12:15: I get called into the back and they access my port.

12:20:  All done and accessed. I head down to the second floor.

12:25: I give them the buzzer and they tell me to head to the back to get my vitals taken.

12:30: Vitals done, heading to room 13.

12:45: Vitals taken again along with oxygen levels.   They tell me to walk a lap to get my exertion up.

12:50: They take vitals again.

12:55. All done.  I turn on The Monument Men on the TV.  I get hooked up, but waiting on the drug.

13:30: I am hooked up to the line.

14:30: All done with the infusion.  Thy start the flush.

14:35:  All done with today.  I am deaccessed.

14:54: I pay the parking machine.  Exactly 1 day, 8 hours 0 minutes parked.

15:10:  We turn onto 288 to 610 to head home.  On the road…

21:30: We get off of the Interstate.

22:00: We are home after refueling and switching vehicles with my sister.

23:59: Another successful road trip, and this time good news!  Keep on trucking and get all this cancer stuff behind me!

© Craig