07/01/2015: PET/CT Scan #11

07/01/2015:  PET/CT Scan #11

Today’s PET/CT scan is scheduled for 1:00 PM, so I don’t need to be to the hospital till 12:30 PM.

9:00: Up and working on some ongoing client issues pertaining to emails.

12:10: Head on out to Tulane Hospital.

12:30: Get there and check in, sit down for a minute and called to be lead downstairs.  Another lady and I are there, she got there before me but her scan was after me, she was an older lady, so let her go first when they asked me if I minded if she could go ahead to get out.  Fine by me.

12:50: We are in the trailer for our scans.

1:20: I am injected with the radioactive glucose.  I am radioactive now and will be for the next 6 – 9 hours.

2:20: I am lead to the other side of the trailer, lay down on the moving table and it begins.

3:00:  I am done with the scan.  My wife and I head on back.

3:20: At Payless picking up shoes for my wife’s job.

3:50: At my wife’s job for them to check out the shoes.

4:10: We are home.  I am back on the computer working on the previous issue.  I still haven’t eaten anything but a small snack bag of chips.  Can’t eat anything before the scan, so almost 20 hours since I have eaten.  Just waiting for my dad’s ability to go out this evening for supper, try to enjoy a meal, since I have chemo tomorrow.

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