Chemo Type 3 Cycle 1 +12


9:00: I am up.  I let bust out.

9:15: I check a few things on my computer and respond to a few emails.

10:00: I jump in the shower.

10:15: I jump out the shower.

10:30: My wife came back from her physical therapy and I sit down with her as she eats.

11:00: We head out, she is off to school, I am off to my office.

11:15: I am at the office.  I fix myself some of my tea and a pack of Raemen noodles.

11:30: I respond to a client who asked me how I was doing and if there was anything he could do for me, part of my response is as follows: “I am doing pretty good.  This chemo regimen of rituximab that they currently have me on is only once every third week and it goes after the CD30 markers that the lymphoma cells have that I have attaches itself to the marker and causes the cells death.  This mainly leaves the rest of my bodys cells alone, so the side effects are not as great as the other chemos.  They don’t even give me any antinausea medicine or steroids before giving me the infusion which goes to show how little it messes with the other processes of the body.  So I got 3 cycles of this, so in 7 or 8 weeks I should be ready to have another PET scan which will hopefully show that everything is in remission and then we can jump into the Stem Cell Transplant.  If not in remission they may give me a few more cycles of this chemo first, depending on what they feel is best.”

11:40:  Just here at the office getting back to doing some admin office work and getting the office ready for my absence of 3 to 4 months…

12:30: I get an email from a client who is having issues using Internet Explorer.  After a 2 connection attempts, I figure out it is a trojan on the computer trying to monitor all internet activity.  I delete the trojan horse and any references to it.  Internet Explorer now starts up with no issues.

2:00: Still here, just doing work here and there in the office.

7:00: I head on home…

7:15: I get home.  Spaghetti and Chilli, not a bad combination.

8:00: My dad and I head out to a clients to check on a touch screen monitor that is moving the cursor around on its own.

8:30: We get to the clients location.  There is really nothing we can do for the touch screen as the sensitivity itself what is malfunctioning.  Looks like this almost 5 year old touch screen monitor is at the end of its touch screen life…  I will notify the client tomorrow.

9:00: We are in the car heading back home.

9:20: We get home.  The Lasagna that was cooking in the oven is done and the oven turned itself off.  I take the lasagna out and put in on the kitchen table to finish cooling.

9:45: I cut into the Lasagna, good stuff!

10:30: I just sit in the chair and watch some TV.

11:59: Time to go to bed, another day over, goodnight everybody!

© Craig