07/13/2016: 26th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

05:30: I wake up and take my thyroid pill and drift back to sleep.

07:00: Up me is.

07:30:  Shower and prepping for the day.

08:15: My numbing cream is on my port area with my saran wrap over it.

08:30: Out the room I am.

08:40: Checkout I do.  Then over the skywalk from the hotel to the hospital I go.  Up to the 8th floor and I check in at the wound therapy clinic etc to get my port accessed.

09:05: I check in at the clinic.

09:45:  I am called to the back.  I have a new nurse doing his rotation.  First he didn’t realize that I didn’t have an ID bracelet, then the ID bracelet wasn’t me.  He then accessed my port while being supervised.

09:55: Down to the 6th floor I head to the Lymphoma and Myeloma Center.

10:05:  I check in to see Dr. Rodriguez.

10:25: I get called to the frontdesk, they tell me my appointment is not until 1:45 PM and that she doesn’t get in until 1:00.

I ask to speak to Michael my nurse as of I have to wait to 1:45 to see the doctor then I won’t be getting treatment to about 3 and I will miss my flight back to New Orleans.   The front receptionist calls Michael and asks me to have a seat and Michael will be with me shortly.

11:00:  I see Michael and tell him my situation and asks if Dr. Rodriguez can just approve the treatment or if I can see Abey the PA-C in order to get my orders approved.  He says he will check with Abey and let me know.

11:30: Michael comes back out and tells me that Abey will see me.  Michael takes my vitals.  I then move in the waiting room to the area Abey is in.

11:50:  I am called to the back.  Abey sees me and everything looks good as far as lab work is concerned.  I take this time to ask Abey about to scan results as last time the textual scan results were not present and they were strictly going off of the image of the scan.  I asked about the new spot of 5.1 SUV uptake that was showing.  He said it could be background activity or a respiratory infection or something that caused the spots on the scan to glow, but until not a relapse or significant abnormal result.  Abey said that the one that were growing a little bit had no uptake and the one with uptake was not growing.  Therefore Abey will consult with Dr. Rodriguez and see when the follow up CT scan should be to check their sizes and for me to email him to follow up with thus.

12:10:  All done with Abey.  I am told Emily will meet me in the CRTC.  Down to the second floor we head.

12:20:  I check in at the CRTC.

12:45  I am called to the back.  I get my vitals taken.

1:00:  In the room.  The nurse is checking on me.  She said she had called up for the drug to check the status and she would go grab the drug if she needed to so that things would move quicker.  I am running behind because of the times and schedule of the doctor.

13:10:  The drug makes is here as the nurse catches the runner bringing the drug down.

13:15:  My infusion starts.

14:10:  My infusion is done.  Flushing begins.

14:15:  All done, I am deaccessed.  This is one of the quickest passes through the CRTC.

14:23:  We grab some frozen yogurt.

14:44:  All done with the frozen yogurt, time to head to the rail and back to the bus to the airport.

14:50:  Through the skywalk.

14:52:  Out of the Duncan Building.

14:55:  At the light rail station.

15:00:  On the light rail.

15:25:  At Central Station

15:36:  The 102 Express bus arrives.

16:29:  At BUSH Airport.

17:30:Boarding begins.

17:55: We push back from the gate.

18:01: We pull back into the gate for a log book correction that the pilot says has to happen.

18:18: We push back again.

18:24: Taxing we start.

18:28: Takeoff

19:12: Touchdown

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