07/27/2016: 26th Infusion – Week 3 – Liver Issues – 27th Infusion Cancelled

07:00:  Up I am.  I take my medicine.

07:15:  Bathroom, shower, dress.

08:00:  I apply my numbing cream to my port and put the usual saran wrap over the area.

08:05:  I get on my computer, check my emails, catch up my blog.

08:22:  All done catching up.  Time to pack up my laptop, and head down to my 08:40 fast track doctor appointment.

08:30:  Brush teeth and final packing.

08:35:  Out the hotel room heading to my quick fast track appointment doctor visit.

08:43:  I check in on the iPad on the 6th floor at the Lymphoma and Myeloma Center.

08:44:  I get a text message go to the frontdesk and get and armband and check with receptionist.

08:45:  I get called to the back for vitals.

08:50:  I am back sitting in the waiting area waiting for a PA or resident to check me to sign off on my drug/treatment.

09:22:  I am called to the back for my checkup.

09:30:  I meet with a PA and a student.  They go over the usual, questions, breathing, heart, etc.

After the checkup they start going over my lab results which are good for everything but my liver levels.

I have an ALT of 532 and am AST of 275 which are higher than they have ever been.

They are waiting for a call back from Dr. Rodriguez because she is out of town.

09:45: They come back in and tell me that they some to Emily he research nurse and that treatment for today will be withheld.  I will get additional bloodwork done to check for hepatitis and I will also get a liver ultrasound done as well to check for blockages or any other abnormalities with my liver.  They send me back out into the waiting area.

09:55:  A nurse comes out and tells me that I have an ultrasound scheduled for 13:30.  She says she will also check me in for the additional bloodwork.

10:30:  They call me to the back for my additional bloodwork.

10:42:  All done with my bloodwork.  I am heading back to the hotel room to get my wife who slept late.

10:52:  Back at the hotel room.

11:38:  Out the hotel room.

11:43: Checked out on 1st floor of temp reception.

11:45: Hitting the hallways and skyway to the May’s clinic for my Ultrasound.

12:00:  I check in on the 5th floor of the May’s clinic at the General Ultrasound.

12:50:  I am called to the back.  Karen a Ultrasound student will be taking care of me today.  She shows me to a changing room and gives me a gown to change into.  I need to remove my shirt and put on the gown.  I do that, and then she has me put my bag and valuables in a locker.  I go into room 1 and she is prepping.  I step out to use the restroom real quick and then return and lie down on the bed.

14:45:  All done with ultrasound.

15:09:  Out of MD Anderson heading to the light rail.

15:15: On the light rail.

15:35:  Off the light rail.

15:43:  On the Express 102 Bus to Bush Airport

16:35:  At the airport.

18:38: Takeoff

19:24:  Touch down.

19:55:  At my office to pick up a switch for a client that failed earlier today.  I had my friend, another computer tech, head out and replace a failed switch at a restaurant just a little less than 4 hours ago because they needed to get back online for dinner.

20:00:  Over to the restaurant we head.

20:05: At the restaurant, I replace the switch.

20:20:  We are having dinner here tonight.

21:45:  All done, heading home.

22:30: ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz…

23:59:  Another trip and day done…

© Craig