03/12/2014: PET/CT Scan #7 Day


So now I can officially glow in the dark!  LOL J/K…

6:00: I am up and out of bed.

6:15: In the car heading to Tulane with my dad for the scan.

6:30: Arrive at the hospital and check in.

7:00: They walk us from Radiology on the second floor down to the first floor.  My dad waits in the ER waiting room, while I enter the 18 wheeler trailer to start up my process.

7:10: I have 107 glucose, and they get the needle in my right hand.  Good, no blown vein, they inject the radioactive glucose solution and let me sit.

8:05: They lay me down in the machine and send me in to start the scan.

8:35: We are done with the scan and head on out.

IMAG10708:50: My dad and I park across from the WWII museum.  We are going to go visit.  I havn’t eaten in over 12 hours since I had to fast for the scan so we stop at the Soda Shop and we both get a spicy and sweet chicken on a biscuit for breakfast. IMAG1071

9:20: We then enter the museum and purchase two tickets for the museum and two tickets for the Beyond All Boundaries 4-D Presentation for 10 AM.

9:30: We embark on their train ride that tells a few stories about the men and women going off to war.  Not a real train ride, but the cinema is modeled to resemble a train.IMAG1079

9:40: We walk across the street to get in line for the Beyond All Boundaries presentation.

10:00: The presentation begins.

11:00: The last time I was here was to watch all the Band of Brothers on IMAG1081the same screen that the Beyond All Boundaries presentation was presented on in 2011, it has come a long way since then.  There is still a building that hasn’t been built yet and won’t be open to 2015, and another new building that won’t open to November 2014.  The last time I toured it as a museum was back in 2000 maybe when I was a summer camp counselor.  We go tour the FreedomIMAG1083 Pavillion which I havn’t been in.  B-17, B-25 bombers hanging from the ceilings.  Along with a P-51 Mustang, Douglas SBD Dauntless, TBM Avenger, and a Vought F4U Corsair.  On the gorund they have a M4 Sherman Tank, a WC-54 Ambulance.  There are 4 levels, so that you can walk above the planes that are suspended from the ceiling.  I took the elevator up, but was able to test out my knee with little to know problems walking down the stairs.

11:45: We head over to the original museum and go check out the new section involving the Pacific Theater of the war.  I am able to climb up the stairs with no issues.  We tour the Pacific Theater taking our time as we both haven’t seen this section yet.

1:45: We get done with the Pacific theater and walk through the original D-Day museum section.

IMAG10842:30: We are done with pretty much everything in the museum.  Take it for granted we did not sit there and read every bit of information, doing that would have turned the visit into one that would expand two days at least…  We head on home.

IMAG10923:00: At home. I sit down and rest, another long day on my feet.  Tomorrow I will find out my results of my scan today, hopefully they are great!  I just do a few things around the house, get on my computer and follow up with a few things from the day, some remoting in here and there checking up on things.

9:00: I am done for today.  I go lay in bed and watch TV.

IMAG108511:59: ZzZzZz… Another day gone…

© Craig