03/05/2014: My Knee! Painful!


I woke up and it hurt to bend my knee.  I didn’t think too much of it and went to work cause I would be sitting in my chair most of the day.

By the time it came to leave work, I could barely walk on it.

By the 10PM, I couldn’t put weight on it, and I could barely get in and out of the Lazy Boy.  I needed the help of crutches to get around the house. I would have fell flat on my face in the hallway if my dad wasn’t there to catch me one time because I put weight on the bad knee by accident and the pain was so bad that I could move anything to fix my balance and I started falling forward and he just grabbed the back of my shirt.  Once I stopped seeing stars, I made it the rest of the way to the bed, very hard to get into bed and very hard to position my leg so that I wasn’t havn’t any pain at all.  The Oxycodone wasn’t even touching my knee pain…  My dad finally suggested putting a pillow under my knee to slightly bend it up, and that worked to stop most of the pain, but any slight movements throughout the night woke me up in pain.

The cause of the knee pain?  Probably not walking right because of my hurt back, and I hurt my back because of my shingles…. Domino affect.

© Craig