03/13/2014: PET/CT Scan Results from Scan #7


6:00: Ayclovir time…  Been taking that again since the shingles…

8:00: I am up.

10:00: I head over to a client to get some measurements of their com closet for another client that is about to build.

10:30: I arrive on site and start taking pics and measurements.

10:45: One of the clients grabs me and asks me to do a few things to their computer while I am there.  I take care of what they need.

11:45: Just as I am finishing up the other client located in the same building grabs me to do something else for them, I take care of that.

12:45: I finish grabbing the measurements I need and take the last pictures I need.

1:00: I head out and back to the office.

1:10: I take care of a few things at the office quickly.

1:20: I am off to my house.

1:30: We get in my sister’s car and head to Dr. Safah’s office for the results of the PET/CT scan.

1:45: We get to Tulane, and I check in.

2:15: We are brought to the back.  Weight 237.8

2:45: We get to see Dr. Safah and the test results.  She is happy with what the neck shows as it shows nothing at all.  The chest has a few minor spots in it, but since the SUV is below 3 she is not really worried about them at all.  However what does alarm her is that I have new spots showing up on this scan that is in my abdomen.  One has an high uptake of 9.4, the other two are 4.7 and 4.5.  She is not sure what to think of this, this could be bad if it is new disease spots spreading to my Abdomen.  I tell her that I did have the shingles about 3 weeks ago, and that I came in and saw the PA for it, however that information never did get relayed to her.  Dr. Safah said that if she knew about the shingles, she would had put off the scan for another month.  She said it can possibly be the Shingles causing the lymph nodes in the area to increase uptake and size as it fights the Shingles and is draining everything from the Shingles infection, however, she cannot say for sure that it is the Shingles causing it.  We will schedule another PET/CT scan in another 3 months to see if there is any change in the size and uptake of these lymphnodes.  Everyone leaves the room and Dr. Safah wants to look at the area in which my shingles are.  They are well scabbed over at this point and mostly gone away, but you can still see the evidence of where they have been, all over the left but cheek, upper inner leg/groin area.  After seeing how widespread the shingles was, she feels even a little better, but can’t rule anything out, and will just have to wait and see what happens in 3 months. If they are still there, then we are talking about doing a biopsy to find out exactly what it is, but she doesn’t want to get into those details yet because it could hopefully be nothing, but no one knows we will just have to continue to wait and see… Test Results Can Be Seen Here

4:00: We are leaving Dr. Safah’s office and heading home.  So today is good news and bad news, and more of the waiting game…

4:30: We get home.  We talk a little once home, and then my sister has to head back to Baton Rouge.

5:30: My mom and I head out to get some Sushi.

7:00: We get back, long day.  I don’t feel like doing anything else today.  I just sit in the chair, put my feet up, and watch TV.

10:00: I move to my bed and just watch some more TV…

11:59: ZzZzZzZzZzZzZz, I am out, another day over….


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