01/04/2015: Happy New Year


Happy New  Year everyone.  I have had a few people asking what’s up since I haven’t been updating my blog lately.  I have been really busy with life again, especially work.  So that’s where I have been.  However, here I am updating my blog for everyone 🙂  I put up the scan results for my past two scans today.  I am going to make it an effort to drop in here more often to give updates to what’s going on 🙂

I am feeling pretty good, just one day at a time until my next scan.  Letting work keep me busy and distracting me from all this craziness…

I am just fighting a cough for the past few days, but other than that all is swell.

I wish the best to everyone this year, and will be updating you as always!

2015 New Year celebration


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