03/07/2015: Just another day.


Just coding, and while looking up a few things, I find a quote that humors me on a forum as part of a signature:

“Some days when I think about the next 30 years or so of my life I am going to spend writing code, I happily contemplate stepping off a curb in front of a fast moving bus.”

How true that can be when code can be never ending and ever changing, there is never a final solution as that solution grows into more and more things.

My next PET/CT scan is March 18th, 2015.  Less than 2 weeks to see if I am all clear and in remission or if we start up another attack plan.

Just for {uZa}Mattbaker… Your welcome, easy to keep you updated here.  I’ll see ya next time…  Ya know, I can’t really see you right now, right?

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