03/18/2015: PET/CT Scan #10

03/18/2015:  PET/CT Scan # 10. – Happy Birthday Dee 🙂

Of all days, 2 over turned vehicles on the I-10, closing the Interstate and traffic backed up for at least 10 miles in every direction.  All the alternate routes are heavily congested.  Almost didn’t make it on time.

8:30: Check in at radiology.

8:50: Walking downstairs to the trailer.

9:00: Stuck, 134 Glucose reading.  Loaded with the radioactive glucose for the bad thins to uptake.

9:50: Put into the PET/CT machine.

10:20: All Done.

11:00: IHOP for breakfast, I just get the all you can eat Popcorn Shrimp, after my Transplant, eggs and many foods are disgusting, Hospitals just ruin great dishes.

12:10: At my office, catching up on a few things.

2:00:  Off to see a museum with Dee for her school paper/project.

4:30: Return home.

7:15: At Carrabba’s for Dee’s Birthday Dinner.

9:00: Home, watch TV, take it easy, tomorrow will find out the results.

11:00: ZzZzZzZzZz



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