03/24/2015: Appointment with Dr. Weaver – Cardio Thoracic Surgeon

8:30: Appointment with Dr. Weaver.  He starts going over things, but doesn’t feel anything when he feels my neck.  He says I can either wait, or come back for another appointment to review what needs to be done during the surgery.  It takes a while as they do not have all my images from the latest scan in the system either, but I would prefer one visit, so I wait.  He is only going by the  so I wait while Radiology burns a disk for Dr. Weaver to review.  Dr. Weaver comes in later and says that everything is good to go.  He sees the imagery from the latest PET/CT scan and see’s the lymphnodes that he wants to biopsy from the right supraclavicular lymph node.  He knows what he wants to do and says we can do the surgery biopsy and port placement next week.  His assistant comes in and explains everything that I need to do in full detail the night before and the morning of the procedure.  She tells me that I will need to get blood drawn and a urine sample as part of the preop workup.

11:30: On the way to the Cancer Clinic I meet a Doctor of Anesthesia that my mom works with.  She says she can do the preop for me so that I do not have to keep running back and forth to the Tulane and back.  All my vitals are taken and questions about past procedures are answered and I am good to go as far as anesthesia.

13:00: I finally make it to the Cancer Clinic and check in with the front desk for a visit with Suzette.  Suzette makes an appointment for me.  I am a hard stick again, but I have not had anything to eat or drink all day since I have been here at the Hospital all day.  A nurse from infusion finally comes in and she pulls the labs from my hand.  I also take a urine test.

14:30: We are finally done.  Now we must head to EJ for my meeting with Dr. Page the radiologist.

15:30: My dad meets us there.  Dr. Page is not pleased with the results at all, and agrees another biopsy needs to be done along with further treatment.  At this time, radiation is not part of the treatment plan, he tells me to keep him posted.  He also said he would call Dr. Jacob and Dr. Safah to touch base with him on the results of the PET/CT Scan.  Home I go…

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