03/27/2015: Nasopharnx Biopsy with Dr. Jacob

9:40: Appointment with Dr. Jacob at EJGH.  He tells me that he has met with Dr. Page and that he wants to biopsy the tissue inside my nasal cavity to send off to the lab to see if it is anything after it appeared on the PET/CT Scan.  He sprays some numbing medicine up my knows, then comes back in 5 minutes and stick the rigid scope up my nose.  He sees he wants to biopsy and has the nurse get the forceps and then starts feeding the forceps up my knows.  He clams down on what he wants to biopsy then rips it out my nose.  Ouch!  He does this 3 or four times in each nostril.  Quadruple ouch.  The right hurts worse than the left.  Much pressure and tearing sounds.  Next time I am taking some relaxer or non caring drugs or something before such a procedure.  Very painful.  My nose drips the rest of the day.  No blood seen by me, as if there was any blood it would just drip right down my throat because of the position of the area to be biopsied.  I take my biopsied tissue to the 2nd floor of EJGH and drop it off at the lab.

11:15.  I am leaving EJGH.  On my way to my office, still drippy  nosed.

I take it easy the rest of the day, making sure my nose heals up as I have surgery on Monday for the biopsy and port placement.

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