03/30/2015: Lymphnode Biopsy #3 – Dr. Weaver – Tulane Hospital

4:00: I been up all night finishing up some computer work for a client.  Oh well, I’ll have a good rest in a little bit when the good drugs hit me.

4:15: Shower using the special sponge first then the plastic bristles to clean the area that are going to be operated on.

4:30: We head out to Tulane Hospital.

4:50: We are at Tulane.

5:00: The checkin staff isn’t here yet, 1 or two other people are there, and I sign in where they have signed in and sit down and wait.

5:45: My name is called, I am processed in and then assigned to Room 18 in the outpatient surgery area.

6:00: I change into my sexy and stylish hospital gown, and just sit in bed waiting and talking.

9:30: I remote into a client’s machine to fix a printing issue.  I have 6 computers to work on, I am finishing up the forth one when my driver arrives.

9:50: Time to be driven to the holding area to get prepped for surgery.  Two Doctors of Anesthesia come in and tell me that they know my mom.  I tell them that I am a hard stick and that some Lidocane would be greatly appreciated while they probe.  They agree.  They bring in the ultra sound machine.  They both take turns sticking me on different sides of my body.  First stick near my outer wrist, no flash back though. The second tries near my right wrist, no luck.   The third stick is in my right foot, thank goodness for the Lidocane,  he blows that vein up as it was too small for the smallest needle they had.  The finally the ultra sound machine is used and he sees that he just barely missed the vein.  This time with the ultra sound machine, he positions the needle and starts probing.  I don’t feel a thing because of the lidocane and then finally he hits it and gets a flash back and slowly feeds the line into my vein near my left wrist, then hooks me up and let’s the saline start flowing.

10:15: I am happy they are done.  They tell me they are going to go visit with my Mom and give her the good news that I am ready to proceed.  Megan is the CRNA who will be taking care of me during the procedure.  She hits me up with a small dose of some good cocktail, although it doesn’t hit me much at all, usually it takes two rounds of the cocktail to get me started.  Shortly after I am rolled into the Operating Room.  I move myself to the operating table.  They then strap me down, then strap each of my arms down so that I am laying there resembling a crucifix.  Next thing I know they are telling me to take deep breaths and then I’m out, for a great good nap.

12:30: ish I think I wake up in the recovery room.  I am alert.  The portable XRay unit roles in to take an XRay of me while laying in the bed to see if the Port is placed correctly.

1:00: ish I am rolled to the recovery room.

2:00: Transport has arrived to take me to the car.

2:15: At the car.

2:45: I am at home.  I lay on the Lazyboy and fall back asleep…

© Craig