03/31/2015: Day after Biopsy #3

I am taking today easy.  Not much pain at all, and I haven’t touched any of my Percocet Pain meds.  The only issue I am having is blurriness, and issues reading.

21:00: My business partner picks me up and we go to a client’s office to hook up a computer and 2 printers that have been moved.  I am there more just for overseeing the work.  Jamie is going to do all of the hard lifting, wire cleaning up and zip tieing and routing.  Jamie cleans up the Com Closet and the Rack looks great now with everything in order and neat.  The printers and fax line are hooked up and the phone is hooked up at the desk that was moved as well.

22:15: We are done hooking things up and on the way back to my house.  Jamie drops me off and then continues home.  I am back in the lazyboy relaxing and watching TV till i fall asleep.

© Craig