04/01/2015: Day 2 after Biopsy #3

I rest all day, but Patient Room 4 at one of the doc’s office is not booting up, so I will need to head there later today.

8:00: My dad and I head out.  We go to my office first to pick up a computer as a backup replacement to have in case we need to replace the computer in question.  We head uptown to the doc’s office.  We find that the computer’s hard drive has failed and we swap it out.  My dad is doing all of the heavy lifting, as I have been told not to do any heavy work or lifting for three weeks.  I reinstall windows and setup my remote access to finish up the computer from home.  We install speakers on three of the computers that were also not having any audio coming from them.

11:00: We head back home.  I get back in the lazyboy when we get home and watch tv and finish doing all the updates and configuration of the patient room computer.

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