04/09/2015: Dr. Safah Visit


12:00: Off to see the Doctor, the wonderful Doctor of Tulane.

12:50: Arrive at Tulane and check in.

1:15: I am called into the back.

1:30: Dr. Safah sees me.  The results from my right supraclavicular lymph node biopsy are in.  The cancer is back.  The same exact cancers, same markers, same everything as before, no changes or mutations, the same thing is back.  Dr. Safah says it’s time to move forward with the Stem Cell Transplant plan.  We find out that my sister Sarah was not a match.  However, they do have a possible 10 out of 10 match for me.  My sister Katie is with us and today she gives her blood for them to run test to see if she is a match for me.  if not, they will follow up with the other possible match for further testing.  I will receive Brentuximab for at least 3 preferably 4 cycles, so that’s one cycle, one chemo administration every three weeks.  So I am looking at at least 12 weeks before having the next PET/CT scan.  Once a positive reaction is confirmed from the Brentuximab, then transplant will be scheduled and moved forward with.

So the last chemo will be on June 12, 2015.  So transplant probably starting in August.

I also found that my biopsy from my nose came back negative, so my nose is clear.

I will be back here tomorrow for chemo.

2:15: We leave Tulane.  I need to stop at a client’s office to recrimp a RJ11 connector, aka a telephone plug, to bring a sidecar up on a VOIP phone that I installed yesterday.

2:30: I am at my client’s take care of what i need to take care of, and sure enough a few questions arise, so I handle those as well.

3:15: Back downstairs and picked up.

4:00: Back home.  I take care of a few work items from home.

5:30: Off to supper.  May as well go enjoy some Medium Rare steaks before the chemo starts as all  foods will need to be well done again.  Blah blah blah…

7:30: Back home.  Watching Impractical Joker’s and working on the computer, just another evening for me…

© Craig