04/10/2015: Chemo 3:2 – Cycle 1


7:45: Up…Wake up Wife…

8:04: Wife driving….Off to the Hospital for infusion.

8:30: At the hospital.

8:50: Led back to infusion.

9:20: Port Accessed.

9:25: Blood Taken for testing.

10:35: I am just waiting for them to figure out what to do as my liver enzymes are high.

10:50: They need to redo all of the paperwork, as the quantity needs to be reduced because of my elevated liver enzymes, so just wait some more.

11:50: They start pumping my chemo into me… 30 minutes of pumping…

12:00: This time the chemo is pumping, was just pumping saline.

12:30: Chemo Done.

12:40: Flushing done…

12:45: Port deaccessed.

12:50: Going home, then to the office.

2:00: At the office.

6:30: Back at home.

10:00: In bed dozing off, I’m drained!

© Craig