05/01/2015: Chemo 3:2 – Cycle 2

8:00:  I am up.  I put on some Lidocane cream on the port and get ready.

8:30: Heading on over to Tulane.

8:49: I check in.

9:27: I sign the paperwork.

9:45: I am called to the back.

10:00:  All vitals done.

10:15: They attempt to access my port.  Problem is the needle is not going in.  It seems that the port has flipped and the back is facing up.  2 nurses confirm.  They attempt to flip the port, a little painful.  They were going to wait before playing with it some more because it was uncomfortable, I felt it and told them it felt like it was flipped back when they walked away, they felt it and confirmed that the port is back facing the right way.  They give me some time to recover as I am not feeling great from the needle probing and port flipping.  I get some ice water to drink.

10:30: My nurse accesses the port with no problems this time.  Pulls blood for my labs and then leaves me accessed.  We need to wait for the blood results before continuing with the chemo.

11:00: No results yet, just working on client issues and things while waiting.

12:35: Blood results back, liver enzymes still elevated, getting 120mg dose of my Brentuximab.

12:55: I start coughing really bad.  My nose starts running non stop as well.  I feel my throat closing.  I tell the nurse this, she asks if I have had this before.  I told her, I was coughing bad like this the past two nights.

1:05:  My throat definitely feels tight.  I tell the nurse this and she asked was it from the coughing or something else. I told her it never felt like this with my other coughs.  She calls the PA.

1:07: The PA comes in and starts accessing the situation.  I think they give me a steroid into my IV and some benadryl.  I tell them my stomach is hurting as well.  My stats are low so they hook me up to some oxygen, but my nose is stuffed.

1:15: I ask if whatever they gave me would make me feel loopy/tired, they said yes the benadryl will do that to me.  Makes since now that they said they gave me benadryl.

1:45:  The oxygen isn’t helping me and I am breathing through my nose but it is hard to breath because of the congestion.  My stats are still 80.  They are thinking about admitting me.

2:00: They are seriously thinking about admitting me now, no improvement on the benadryl.  I started breathing through my mouth and my stats jump up to 95.  This surprises them.  The nurse tells them that I sound very congested and probably can’t  breathe well through my mouth.  I agree with her. I can take deep breaths though my mouth, but not through my nose.

2:15: They are just monitoring my stats now that I am breathing through my mouth they vary from 88 to 100.

3:00: They are most probably going to let me go home, just need to wait for a response from the doctor.

3:10: My mom calls infusion since she can’t get a hold of me.  I tell them that my cell phone is dead.  One of the nurses happens to have a cord for android.  I plug it into my laptop and start letting it charge.

3:15: My port gets deaccessed.

3:20: The PA tells me I can go home, and gives me a card, incase I ever go to an emergency room, I give them a card to isolate me from the general public so that I do not pick up anything anyone else has as my immune system is compromised with the chemo.

3:30:  I call my wife and my mom and update them that I am going home.  I then update the blog.

3:45: Done updating the blog, time to pack up and head home!

© Craig