05/22/2015: Chemo 3:2 – Cycle 3


Another lovely day.  Time for Cycle 3 of Chemo 3 Round 2.

8:50: Check-In

9:00: Sign Insurance Paperwork.

9:20: Lead to Infusion Center.  Temp 97.8, Weight 250  (I was 259 on Monday hmm…)

9:30: Sitting in the infusion chair waiting to be accessed.

9:55: Accessed, and blood return.

10:05: Premeds – Tylenol given.

10:10: Benadryl given and Cortisone Steroid given.  Oh Joy…

10:15: I can feel the Benadryl kicking in, Oh boy..,That loopy feeling.  Nice, LOL.

10:30: Blood drawn for tests.

10:55: Verified, I am who I am, Chemo hung.  I have some coughing throughout the Chemo, but not as bad as last time.  I am still coughing occasionally throughout the day.

11:40:  Done with the chemo, flushing.

11:55 Deaccessed.  All done…

1:30: I am hope, get my mini laptop ready and off to a clients location for an Internet Swap over.

1:45: I arrive on site. I check the Cox Install that was done while I was getting Chemo.  I hook up my laptop and give remote access to those managing the site to switchover the routers to the Cox Internet, make sure everyone is happy then away I go..

3:45: I am heading to another client to check on Printer issues.

4:00: I get to the second client.  Remove the printers, add the printers back, and then have no issues printing to the bypass tray.  Will check back with them next week.  Followed up on two other small issues while I was there as well.

5:00: I am done and head out and back home.

5:30: Out to eat with my parents and my Aunt and Uncle for my Aunt’s Birthday  I have Bread, Salad, Veal Panne with Fettuccine Alfredo, and, then some Cake.  Ahh Great Meal, but I can barely finish it all, but I do.

7:15: Back home and a little tired.

7:45: I go lay down and relax.  I’ll just watch TV, and work on a few things from the bed…

11:59: Dozing in and out on the computer and off, another day done…

© Craig