08/10/2016: 27th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

07:00:  My alarm goes off and up I am.

07:15:  Usual morning activities.  Shower, etc.

08:00:  I apply my numbing cream, put the saran wrap over the area and dressed I get.

08:25:  I head out of my room to go get my port accessed.

08:35:  I check in on the 8th floor of the care clinic.

08:40:  I get my arm band.

08:45:  I am called to the back.

08:55:  All accessed.

09:05:  Back at my room to pack up and check out.

09:45:  I check out of the rotary house.

10:05:  I check in at 6th floor, Lymphoma and Melons Center.

10:15:  I get called for arm bracelet and info sheet.

10:20:  I am called to the back for vitals.

10:24:  I come out of vitals and Michael is looking for me to bring me into the back.

10:25: I am in the back in the patient room waiting to see Dr. Rodriguez.

10:30:  I see Abey.  My liver levels are back to my normal.  Elevated but my baseline is elevated, so back to my normal.  Could have been a gall stone or other injury that caused my extremely elevated levels.

10:35: Dr. Rodriguez comes in and checks on me.  I have not seen her in 6 weeks.  With appointment times and her being off.

10:50:  All done with Dr. Rodriguez.  She does not know why I jumped up with the levels.  Their main concern was issues with the drug injuring the liver from toxicity or from the immune system attacking the liver.  However all is back to normal and we will continue with treatment.

10:55:  Emily comes and sees me and introduces me to her temporary replacement Gia who will be taking over while she has her first baby.  I ask about my payment for my study expenses and Gia will follow up on this for me.  I get Gia’s email address and email her for updates.

11:00:  We head to the CRTC center.

11:05:  I check in at the frontdesk.

11:40:  I am called to the back.

12:00:  I am in room 10 and Ken comes and checks on me and he will be my nurse today.  Just waiting on the drug.

12:55:  My drug arrives.

13:30:  The drug is here, but need to wait for the vampire to come pull blood from my port for the study protocol.

13:40:  The vampire shows up and takes my blood.

14:10:  My food arrives, turkey and cheese on wheat bread, tomato soup, cantaloupe, pineapple, lemon cookies, as baked lays chips.
14:35:  Infusion is done.  Flush begins.

14:40: Flush complete.

14:45: Deaccessed.

14:55:  Out of the room.

15:00:  Hitting the skyway.

15:10: Across the skyway, out of the Duncan building.

15:15:  At the light rail.

15:17:  On the lightrail.  Some crazy high woman has an episode falls on the floor and starts screening obscenities at one of the transit centers.  Transit police and a manger is at the location when this happens and the woman is quickly removed and we continue on our way.

15:38:  We are at our stop, we get off, and walk the two blocks, however during our walk we see the 102 Express Bus pass on travis, so the crazy high woman just cost us 15 more minutes.

15:53:  Another Express 102 bus pulls up to the stop and on we get.

16:46:  We arrive at the airport.  We finish our drinks and bathroom break.

16:55:  We are at security, no line again at security, so we are seen right away and are through security in less than 5.

17:00:  Through security, to the skyway from concourse C to concourse A.

17:10:  At our gate, only to find out that our flight is delayed, showing an 20:45: take off time instead of 18:09.  Time to sit down and do some remoting into some computers and do some work while waiting.

20:45:  Still sitting at the concourse, our plane is here, but waiting on the crew.  They said we should be out of here at 21:30, so just waiting.

21:10:  Boarding begins.

21:29: Sitting on the plane.

21:45: Door closed.

21:49: Pushing back.

22:07: Take Off.

22:53: Touch down.

23:00:  My parents pick us up from the airport.

23:15:  Home we are.

23:25:  Applebees for a late supper.

© Craig