08/23/2016: 28th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

05:15:  Up I am.

05:30:  Dressed I get.

05:45: To the airport we head.

06:04:  At the airport.  No lines at security.

06:14: Through security.  Just hanging out around the airport to my 08:55 flight.

08:04:  The plane from Ft. Lauderdale arrives.  We are flying in their yellow plane today.

08:10: Boarding begins.

08:15:  Sitting in the big front seats today.  2A

08:40:  Pushing back.

08:44: Taxing

08:52: Take off.

09:47:  Touch down.  We did about a loop about 5 minutes out before coming in for landing.

09:52:  Off the plane.

10:00: On the skyway.

10:13:  Waiting for the bus 102 Express Bus to downtown at the bus stop.

10:37:  On the bus.

11:28:  Off the bus.  Helping a stranger from new Orleans trying to get to Pasadena TX along the way.  We ask a transit officer who tells him to take the 40 bus towards Pasadena

11:33:  At the light rail station.

11:36:  On the light rail.

12:03:  Off the light rail.

12:10:  In the Duncan building.

12:20:  I checked in at the Rotary house.

12:30:  I am in my room 820.  I open my laptop and get to work.  I add a remote printer to a remote desktop for s client.  I also install some activex controls for another client and renew a domain name for another client.

14:30:  All done all of my work.  Time to go do my bloodwork.

14:44:  I check in at the diagnostic lab in the main building on the second floor.

15:00:  I am called to the back, they take 4 vials of blood.

15:10:  All done with the vampire.

15:15:  We head over to the frozen yogurt, a new flavor, candy bar smash.

15:35:  We start our way through the buildings to the skywalk, to the mays clinic and duncan building, then out to the street and rail we go.

16:00:  On the light rail.

16:30: Off the light rail downtown and into the Bombay Pizza Company which is a mixture of Italian and Indian food that I tried last trip, and really liked.

17:35:  All done with another great meal.  We walk back down the street to the next rail station heading south.

17:45: At the rail station.

17:55:  The next rail picks us up.  We take this all the way to the end of the line, pass the NRG stadium along the way.

18:17:  At the end of the line.  We switch from the front car, that is now going to be the back car, back to what will be the front car.  Kinda like the streetcar, they just turn their direction around and drive from the other side of the train, but they have 2 cars, both of which have forward and reverse facing operating quarters.

18:25:  We are back off the rail and heading back to the Duncan building.

18:28:  Back into the Duncan building, through the mays clinic, back into the hotel room.  I check on a few things for clients and help my wife remotely order her school books since her college semester started back up yesterday.

20:00:  I go downstairs and grab some more frozen yogurt.

21:00  Back upstairs on the laptop.

23:00:  Over at the park grabbing a drink.

23:30:  Back in my room, and yes back on the computer…

© Craig