08/24/2016: 28th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

00:00:  Still on the computer.

01:00:  To sleep I go.

05:00:  Up I am I take my thyroid medicine and back to sleep I go.

06:45:  Up I am again.  Shower I do, and prepped I get.

07:45:  My numbing cream is on.

07:50:  My teeth are brushed.

07:55:  My bag is semi packed.

08:00:  Back on my computer catching up on my blog.

08:10:  Wake up call to my wife I make.

08:15:  Pack up my laptop and bags I do.

08:30:  I check out, making 2 reservations for upcoming trips.

08:45:  I check in on the 8th floor for my port access.

08:50:  I am called to the back.

09:00:  All accessed.  Down to the 6th floor we head.

09:02:  I am check in on the iPad

09:03:  I am called to go to the frontdesk and get my arm band checked.

09:08:  I am texted to go to the hibiscus hallway for my vitals.

09:13:  All done with vitals, back to y seat I return and fill out my study paperwork for side-effects from the drug.

09:18:  Just sitting in the waiting area waiting to be called back to see the doc.

09:25:  Michael comes and gets me and takes me to the back.  He asks me the normal questions, pain, fall lately, same medications, any problems, the usual follow up.  All normal.  I tell him I experience a little bit of tiredness in the morning, buy still working over 40 hour weeks and not stopping to rest or nap or anything.

09:35:  Dr. Rodriguez shows up and she is happy with my labs and liver levels.  My liver levels are even better. She for her examination and all is good.  She said the tiredness night be from glucose levels.  Ronstadt following up with that.  I told I had started that follow up and will see my primary about that soon and also see my primary about my thyroid tsh levels as well.  My tsh levels are high, although my t3 and t4 levels are in line.  Therefore my pituitary gland is not shutting off the thyroid hormones to make the thyroid produce more to bring the thyroid levels back into check.  This is a side effect of the drug, but was going on before I started the drug and was diagnosed as a problem when my initial bloodwork was done as an overall check before starting the study.  This could be a result of the radiation treatment that I had done in Oct/Nov of 2013 because the radiation can damage the thyroid, however the pituitary gland should be responding to normal thyroid t3 and t4 levels.  This will need further follow up and diagnosis which I will with my primary doctor, Dr. Yager.  We went over the warnings the FDA had out out about stem cell transplant after having opdivo/nivolumab that the risk and complications from host vs graft disease has increased because of the nature of the study drug boosting the immune system.  My next PET CT scan is coming up on October 18 to see how I am still doing.  See if I have any chance of extending the drug past a year of remission or if they will stop treatment then as as of that point I will be taken off the study.

10:00:  All done with Dr. Rodriguez.

10:10:  The study nurse covering for Emily comes in and collects my study paperwork and gives me my new paperwork.  She tells me the process of which we will be going through for three months while Emily is out.

10:25:  All done with the study nurse.  I head downstairs to check in at CRTC.

10:35:  I check in at the CRTC.

11:05:  The research nurse finds me and gives me a questionnaire to fill out.  However it is for before Infusion 29, this is only infusion 28 because of the withheld infusion a month ago.

11:15:  I am called to the back.  I get my vitals taken.

11:20:  I am in Room 8.

12:30:  My drug arrives, everything is double checked.

12:35:  My drug infusion starts.

13:35:  Drug infusion done.

13:40:  Flush dune.

13:45:  De-accessed.

13:50:  Packing up my laptop and everything.

13:55:  Away we go, heading back to the rail.

14:15:  We stop for some frozen yogurt.

14:35:  All done, on the way to the light rail.

14:45:  Across the skywalk and out the Duncan building.

14:48:  At the lightrail.

14:55:  On the lightrail heading into the city to catch the express 102 bus go for airport.

15:24:  We arrive at the downtown transit center, however this is the end of the line for the redline because of a line issue.  Everyone is forced off the rail.  I know the express 102 has a stop in the area.  I ask the metro fair inspector where the 102 bus stop is, and it is right across the street from the downtown transit center.  We walk across the street and a bus is just pulling up.

15:25:  We are are on the 102 express bus.

15:37:  We are at the bus stop we usually get on at, so the rail can get you to this point if you miss the bus, but you would have to know you missed the bus.

17:09:  At the airport.

17:13:  No lines at all, not even one person at the tsa check point.

17:15: Through security.

17:30: Boarding begins.

17:34: Sitting in my big front seat in the plane.

17:42:  About a 45 minute flight.  Should be a smooth flight until we get ready to land as thunderstorms are in the new Orleans area, so it may get bumpy around then.

17:54: Boarding complete.

17:55: Cabin door closed, jetway pushed back.

17:58: Push back.

18:03: Taxing.

18:06: Take off .

18:53: Touch down.

18:56:  At the gate.

© Craig