09/06/2016: 29th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

05:15: Up I am.

05:45:  Out the door we head.  My dad is traveling with me.  My wife has school.

06:00:  Arrive at the airport we do.

06:10:  Through security we are.

06:15:  Sitting at C5 while we wait on the Spirit flight to Atlanta to clear out before going to sit at C6.

07:00:  The flight to Atlanta is boarding and seats open up by gate C6, so we move.

07:39:  The Atlanta plane is being pushed back.

07:47:  The plane from Ft. Lauderdale arrives and unloads.

08:00:  The initial announcement for the flight is done stating zones and boarding and baggage etc.

08:05:  I pack up my laptop in prep for boarding.

08:10: Boarding begins.

08:13:  I am seated in the plane in the big front seat letting my Dad take the big front seat by the window.

08:35: Cabin door closed.

08:37: Pushing back.

08:41:  Taxing to runway.

08:47:  On the runway.

08:48: Take Off

09:38: Touchdown.

09:45: We step off the plane.

09:48:  Bathroom break.

09:54:  Through the walkway to the skyway.

10:00:  On the skyway.

10:04:  Off the skyway.

10:08:  The express 102 bus pulls up.

10:10:  On the bus we are.

11:13:  Off the bus.

11:20: On the light rail.

11:43:  Off the light rail.

12:00: I check in, and they do have a room available, so we go up to the room, room 303.  I get on my laptop take care of some work.

13:06:  All done, time to go get my bloodwork.

13:15:  I check in on the second floor diagnostic Center in the main building for bloodwork on their computer terminals.

13:30:  I see my name on the screen and go to the frontdesk as it says come to frontdesk.  They tell me my bloodwork orders were cancelled.  I tell them I need my bloodwork foe treatment tomorrow, they say they will look into it.

13:45:  I am called again to the frontdesk and someone else tells me that my bloodwork orders have been cancelled.  I tell them the other person was working on it because I need my bloodwork for tomorrow’s chemo.  She tells me she will check up on it and that I can sit back down.

14:05:  I see my name the board again, but this time is because they are ready for me.  I go wait by the door area.  Samantha checks me out with my date of birth and medical record number before putting my armband on.  We then go to the back.

14:10:  I am sitting down to the chair assigned to me.  Samantha asks me which arm, I tell her whatever she can find.  Another nurse in there remembers me and says oh it’s the hard stick.  Samantha feels my right arm, no luck, she feels my second arm and feels one she wants to try.  She sticks me but no blood.  She keeps trying to catch the vein but it is no moving on her and she can’t get it completely.  She nicks it because blood starts coming around the needle but no flashback.  She tries for about 5 minutes before calling an associate.  The associate moves the needle around some more and then gets some flashback.   Samantha puts the tube in to collect the blood and it is a very slow dribble.  It takes about 3 to 5 minutes to collect the blood in the first tube and about another 2 minutes for the second.  All done, they pull the needle out, put tape over the gauze and send me on my way.

14:45:  All done with bloodwork.

15:00:  I grab some frozen yogurt.

15:16:  We head out back downtown to the Bombay Pizza Co.

15:52: We reach the Bombay Pizza Co.  I order my normal, lasagna and a medium pizza, half chicken marsala, half K Renee (shrimp, crab meat, cilantro).  Great meal as always!

17:10:  All done with another great meal.  My dad and I decide to take an adventure and take the Red Line all the way to the north end.

17:45:  We reach the north end.

18:00 We depart the north end and head for the very southern end, passing up the Energy Stadium that the Houston Texans play in.

18:57:  We reach the south end, we turn around head back to the Texas Medical Center Transit Center.

19:15:  We are back at MD Anderson.  We go back up to the room I check a few things.

19:45:  We had back downstairs.  My dad gets the salad bar and the restaurant and I get some more frozen yogurt.  The restaurant is not what it used to be and does not offer as much of a selection as it used to.

20:35:  We are all done and head back up to the room.  I work on a few more things remotely.

23:30:  I head down to the park.  I grab some chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes.

23:54:  I am heading back to my hotel room.

23:59:  Back in the hotel room, another day done!

© Craig