09/07/2016: 29th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

06:00:  Up I am.

06:30:  Shower I get.

07:00:  I apply my numbing cream to my port area and put my saran wrap over the area then put my shirt over that.  Saran wrap is great for keeping my shirt clean.

07:15:  I check to see if I can get my airline boarding passes printed so I can follow my normal routine at the airport and not have to speak with a ticketing agent at the counter before security and have to go through security checkpoint A.  I can just arrive security checkpoint C where the bus drops us off and then straight to the gate.  I can.  I am on my laptop so I will just go reprint the boarding pass at the business center downstairs when I check out.

07:20:  I pack up my laptop, check the room, then my dad and I head out.

07:30:  I check out at the frontdesk at the hotel.

07:40:  I reprint out boarding passes.  Then off to the main building, floor 8 to get my port accessed.

07:55:  I check in at the wound care clinic to get my port accessed.

08:02:  I get called to the back.

08:10:  I get my port accessed.  During the process he forgot to get a one way valve cap.  He shows me which draw to get it out of and I get it then I need to open it for him and drop the cap onto the sterile area because he already has his sterile gloves on and can’t touch anything outside of the sterile area.  I grab the package and turn it upside down and pull the tabs so the cap falls into the sterile area and then throw the packaging away.  He grabs the cap and puts it onto the end of the line to my port.  All done.

08:15:  To the lymphoma clinic we head down on the 6th floor.

08:27:  I check in.

08:30: I get a text to go to the frontdesk so that they can check my wristband.

08:31:  I get a text to go to the hibiscus hallway for my vital signs.

08:35:  I bet my vital signs taken.

08:40:  Michael comes and gets me from the vital signs as I am finishing up and takes me to the back to the patient room.  I grab my bag and Dad along the way.

08:48:  Micheal is done asking me all the usual questions, pain, falls, medicine changes etc, all is as usual.

08:51:  We are waiting for Dr. Rodriguez.

09:17:  Abey comes in and checks me over.  Liver levels are good, he feels me all over to see if any lymph nodes are detectable, but everything is the same, and all good.  He leaves.

09:30:  Dr. Rodriguez comes in and goes over everything again, everything is good, so we will proceed with treatment.  I now just need to wait on the research nurse.

09:45:  The research nurse comes in, collects my study questions, diary and gives me my new diary for the next 2 weeks.

09:53:  We are on our way down to the 2nd floor to CRTC for infusion.

09:55:  I check in, but my orders are not signed yet.  I text with two clients with some issues they are experiencing and troubleshoot it.

10:26:  I email Abey and told them that they told me that they are waiting for my orders to be signed.  He said he signed it 10 minutes ago, so I tel the front desk that when they return, they look it up and tell me they see it signed and will let the nurse know and to have a seat again and I will be called shortly.

10:30:  I am called to the back.  They take my vitals.

10:40:  I am assigned room 11.  They take my oxygen level again.

10:50:  I have my computer all setup and back to work I go.

11:35:  My drug is here, and they start prepping me and double checking me and the drug.

11:45:  My drug infusion starts.

12:50:  Chemo is done, flush begins.

13:00:  Flush complete.  Deacceased.

13:05: I get some Frozen Yogurt at MD Anderson.

13:30:  All done with the Frozen Yogurt, out we head.

13:48:  On the light rail we get.

14:12:  Off the light rail we are and to the bus stop we walk.

 14:17:  The bus arrives.  We get on very few seats left and we fill up at the next stop.  Then at the next stop we run into a broken down bus, so they load most of the passengers from that bus into the isle of our bus.

14:30:  We are on out way.

15:35:  We arrive at IAH.

15:45:  Through security.  We are earlier than usual so we do grab a pizza.

16:05:  All done with the pizza, to the skyway we head.

16:08:  On the skyway we are.

16:12:  Off the skyway.

16:15:  By the gate.  I get on my laptop and email customer support to help me resolve a quality issue.  We email back and forth as I change settings.  I will need to wait to tomorrow to see if those changes resolve the issue.  I will double-check those changes tonight km a regular size computer screen.

17:15:  All done with the changes.  I go buy a drink for the flight.

17:30:  Boarding begins.  I shutdown my computer and pack up and board the plane.

17:41:  In the plane I get.  My dad are on the big front seats again, same seats as before.

18:00:  The flight attendants and pilot get their print outs.

18:06:  The door is closed.

18:09:  We push back.

18:23: Takeoff.

19:08: Touchdown.

© Craig